How to Start Betting on Sports: Guide For Beginners

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These days, sports betting is widespread all over the world. It can be a fun way to get more excited for any upcoming match you feel like watching or for the upcoming game involving your favorite team. Not to mention the potential for financial gain should your wager turn out to be a winning one, and you make the correct prediction.

If you’ve never bet before, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll go over a lot of topics you should be aware of in order to grasp the basics of sports betting. We will specifically address what sports betting is, how it operates, and even how to place bets.

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How Does Sports Betting Work?

How Does Sports Betting Work

Sports betting is placing money on a result you choose and receiving payment if that result happens. 

How to Bet on Sports: Fundamentals You Should Know

How to Bet on Sports: Fundamentals You Should Know

Before you even step into the world of sports betting, there are a lot of terms and regulations to become familiar with. Learning how to actually place a bet comes next after you have a firm understanding of the subject you are betting on.

Although it is a fairly simple process, there are a few important things to consider before making a wager.

Betting Terminology

There are a lot of terms in the betting sphere. We will try to unlock some of them for you in the sections below.

Understanding Odds

Probably the first question in your mind goes like this: How do betting odds work? Sports betting odds show the likelihood of a certain result in a sporting event. The amount you stand to win after placing a particular bet depends on the odds. The likelihood of an outcome decreases as your chances of winning increase. 

Bet Types

The betting platform offers a variety of betting options to accommodate both experienced players and beginners. 

Single Bets

A single wager is a great place for new players to start. It only contains one choice made during a particular event. These bets frequently have low odds. It is the most common and simple type of wager for gamblers, especially for newbies.

Accumulator Bets

With this well-liked betting strategy, you can increase your chances by selecting several games to form a chain. The accumulator contains interconnected games. All the links become broken when one does. For example, you win only if all five of your bets on the accumulator games are thriving. Experienced players tend to favor this kind of wager.

How to Bet 

  1. Choose your bookmaker
  2. Register your account and verify it
  3. Deposit some funds into your account
  4. Select the sport you want to bet on
  5. Choose the betting market and the odds
  6. Add your stake
  7. Double-check the information
  8. Place your bet

How Much to Bet

Ultimately, you decide how much risk to take on a game, but it’s a good idea only to take on risks you can afford to lose. Gambling in sports is a marathon, not a sprint. Good days and bad days will come.

Therefore, we advise using a flat-betting strategy. This entails placing the same wager on each game and putting only 1% to 5% of your bankroll at risk with each play (the bankroll is the initial sum you have available to place bets).

How Bookmakers Work

To make money, bookmakers take wagers on every scenario that could occur, regardless of which one comes to pass. But for this to be profitable, they include a margin in the odds that are given and generate several strategies to promote wagers on all possible outcomes of an event. It is tough to outsmart the bookies and generate a long-term profit. However, it is still cost-effective for savvy wagerers who can correctly forecast sporting events.

Betting on Sports

Betting on Sports

Betting on sports is easy if you have enough information. Below, we share basic tips and tricks to help you place winning bets.

Betting Markets

A betting market is a particular class of bets with associated odds. For every game, event, tournament, or competition, bookmakers typically provide a wide range of betting markets. If you want to place a bet, you should start by looking at betting markets.

Favorites vs. Underdogs

Favorite and underdog are two of the most widely used terms in sports betting, and they typically refer to the two possible outcomes of a wager. The team or group with the best chance of winning is the favorite. Betting on the favorite has a lower return because there is less risk involved. The likelihood of the underdog winning is lower. Betting on the underdog yields a larger return because of the increased risk. 


The simplest kind of sports bet is a moneyline wager, which simply involves picking the winner. You choose your team or player, and if they win, the wagered amount is all yours.

Over/Under (Total)

You only need to worry about how many points were scored during the game when placing this wager. Here, the total number of scores matters more than who scored them, which team scored more, or even which team won the match.

-110 Next to My Bet, Explained

In sports betting, -110 indicates that a bettor must risk KES 110 in order to win KES 100 on -110 odds. The majority of sportsbooks and casinos in North America use this odds format, which is referred to as American odds. 

Betting on Football

In the world, soccer is thought to be the most popular sport. It makes sense that soccer bets completely stole the show from other wagers. Football has an unrivaled market and quantity of events compared to other sports. Below is a small football betting guide.

  • Get as much knowledge as you can about football. Spend some time getting to know the sport’s environment very well. You’ll have a far clearer understanding of the league structures, club rankings, star players within each club, and matchup selection processes after doing this. You’ll be able to predict the outcome of a game or season with greater accuracy as a result.
  • Consider additional match-influencing factors. It is insufficient to know a club’s current ranking. Ensure that you remain informed about other significant events, like injuries, lineup modifications, and recent coaching changes. The smallest detail could determine whether a team wins or loses.
  • Pay attention to the popular odds. Just because everyone is betting a certain way doesn’t mean they’re more likely to be right. When it comes to making well-informed decisions, it can still be beneficial to see what the general consensus is. Perhaps they are aware of something that you are not.

Betting Strategies

Betting Strategies

Betting strategies depend on your choice of sport and your aspirations. Below, we share some tips that can help rookie players win their first bets.

How to Bet and Win: Tips for New Bettors

How to Bet and Win: Tips for New Bettors

Here are some tips on how to win a bet.

  • Limit your betting to less volatile markets if you’re just starting out. Never, if you are inexperienced, place an accumulator wager. Parlay betting carries a very high risk of loss. Since they usually have the lowest chances of success, accumulators are the most difficult to win. If you bet on a single event and choose the double chance market, the odds and payouts will be lower, but your chances of winning will be significantly higher. 
  • Know when to stop. Betting can quickly get out of control. You assume the greater the risk, the more bets you place. Therefore, you should make every effort to keep the number of bets you place to a minimum. You expose yourself to significant swings in your bankroll if you wager on ten or more games every night. Only one successful night has the potential to yield substantial profits, but one unlucky night has the potential to quickly reverse all of your hard-earned gains. 
  • Maintain consistency. Consistency in both stake size and frequency is a goal for sports bettors. The key to longevity is maintaining a consistent bet amount. Don’t start betting USD 500 per game just because you want to win more money or make up for losses you’ve had in the past if your betting unit is USD 100. This represents one of the gambling traps. Keep your losses in check.
  • Keep your head cool. Some bettors have a strong attachment to a particular team and choose to back them even when their research suggests otherwise. This is because their betting is motivated by their feelings, which is a bad approach if you want to be a profitable bettor. Instead, set aside your emotions and place your money on the teams that, according to your research, have a better chance of winning. Information, after which place your wager.
  • Take care when choosing bonuses if you want to increase your winnings. You can boost your earnings without using your own money by taking advantage of bonuses and promotions. Yet, whether they are moderate or strict, all bonuses have wagering requirements.
  • Avoid unreliable sources. In the sports gambling industry, there are many con artists, so avoid paying someone to make your picks. It is highly likely that someone who boasts of having an incredible winning streak or a winning system is simply lying or exaggerating their abilities. Consider this: Would you actively seek to publicize your discovery of a method to circumvent the system?

How to Find Your Perfect Bookmaker

How to Find Your Perfect Bookmaker

All bettors have different requirements, so it’s important to stick to your own preferences. However, there are some general guidelines, and we will discuss them below.

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Check If the Bookie is Legit in Kenya

Using a bookie or other unregulated betting methods can be exceedingly dangerous. To ensure that you aren’t risking more than you have actually wagered, it is best to limit your sports betting to a reliable website. While you can get online books anywhere you have internet access, in certain countries, they are prohibited. Before making any sports bets, you should be aware of your local state’s regulations. Although the law ignores bookies in many places, be mindful that you could be putting yourself in danger if you place bets with an unauthorized bookie.

Assess Features and Odds

You will have more money if a sports betting site offers you more bets. You should move to another platform if you find that there isn’t much of an option. You should be able to wager on multiple games or competitions as well as within a single game on a reliable website. For instance, you could wager on the precise result or the player who will score first, etc.

Check the Website

Open the website and check if the interface and the features offered by the bookie work for you. The color scheme and the layout can be a no-no for your eye.

Read the Reviews

Trust is important when evaluating an online bookmaker for reliability. You must work hard and complete your assignments. Verify the opinions posted by actual users on review websites and forums. Their past performance can provide you with a wealth of information regarding the bookmaker’s fairness, accuracy of their odds, and timely payouts. Making sure you’re in capable hands before you take a plunge is crucial. Consider the bookmaker’s experience and length of time in the business as well. Those with a strong track record are typically more reliable and stable.

Best Bookmakers for New Bettors

Best Bookmakers for New Bettors

It takes only a few minutes to join a site; however, selecting a sports betting site is more difficult. You get better value for your money and a handful of benefits from the top online betting sites. In addition to being safe to use, they provide more markets, better promotions, and higher odds. Selecting one of these top-rated betting sites is simpler than searching for the best online sportsbooks on your own. See a couple of great ones below.


Situated in 134 countries, 1xBet is a reliable betting site that was founded in 2011. Thus, you ought to sign up with 1xBet if you’re searching for a top-notch live sportsbook that offers the newest markets and betting options, a ton of virtual sports, and a huge selection of games for casino fans. There are numerous leagues for baseball, basketball, tennis, and football, in addition to dozens of less well-liked sports like darts and snooker. There are also eSports tournaments available for betting.

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African players cherish Betika, a local Kenyan betting company with an office in Nairobi. Renowned for its services, the company is licensed by the authorities in the area and provides legitimate online betting on various sports, including virtuals and eSports. In addition, it welcomes aficionados of classic casino games like slots, blackjack, and poker. 

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You should have a better understanding of how to bet on sports now that we’ve gone over all the lingo and provided you with some advice. All that’s left for you to do is take action. You shouldn’t give up too easily if you lose a few bets. In gambling, there are no guarantees, and luck is always a factor. But you’ll learn how to bet on sports and win more often as your ability to predict games and player performances improves.

You can consult our guide whenever you want advice on placing sports bets. Enjoy your bets and gamble responsibly.

Is sports betting legal?
It is in Kenya. In some countries, betting is unlawful. Check your desired location before betting.
How do you play a successful bet?
You can review our tips above. They will definitely help.
Which sport is the best to bet on?
Football (soccer) is one of the most popular sports to bet on.
How to bet and win easily?
Do some preliminary research and choose a trustworthy bookmaker.
Which sport is the easiest to bet on?
The easiest sport to bet on is the one you know quite a lot about.
Can I bet safely?
Of course, if you abide by the rules and terms of your bookmaker.
How do you bet on football for beginners?
In the review above, we have a section about betting on football. You can check it out and place your first wager on football.

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