An Initial Guide to Football Betting for Beginners

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In the read below, we will share some handy insights to help you place winning bets on football.

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Betting on Football Explained

Betting on Football Explained

When it comes to football betting, the first step to big wins is knowing the game’s rules. You’ll also have an advantage if you know what kinds of bets you can make, which we will discuss below. Football is an easy sport to understand, so even if you’ve never watched a game, you can quickly pick up the skills and start betting sooner rather than later. Let’s examine the specifics of football betting for novices. Learn how to bet on football with our detailed guide below.

Terms You Need to Know

Terms You Need to Know

Many athletes who wish to profit from their favorite sports can consider football betting as a great option. All you need is a basic grasp of the game, some dedication, and analytical abilities. But for many players, the most challenging part of football betting is keeping up with the jargon words used in the industry. Even for some seasoned players, this can be challenging, and it is especially intimidating for novices. We will dig deeper into the topic in the sections to follow.

Football Odds Explained

Odds are the ratio of the stakes made by each of the participants in a wager or bet. An example of an odds ratio would be 3 to 1, which means that the first party, usually the bookmaker, bets three times as much as the second party, the bettor.

Most Common Football Betting Types Explained

Below, we list the most popular markets and wager types for football betting.


A moneyline bet is the easiest and most straightforward wager in all of sports betting. Depending on the sport, there could be two or three possible outcomes in this wager. In a moneyline wager, punters select one player or team to win. A third possibility for moneyline wagers in football is a “draw,” where there is neither a winner nor a loser.


In football, handicap betting is the process of changing the odds in order to even out unequal games. Before the game, a football handicap assigns teams a made-up goal advantage or disadvantage. As a result, their odds of winning that particular game alter.


This is a popular bet among bookmakers that wagers on the total number of times an event (like goals, corners, or yellow cards) will occur during a match. It is possible to wager on whether a match will have more (over) or fewer (under) points than the baseline amount that bookmakers assign to it. There is only one possible result: either over or under. This is because the baseline number is never a whole number. Half a goal or half a corner cannot be scored or won.

Totals Corners

Betting on corners involves forecasting the number of corners that will be taken during a football game.

For a number of reasons, corner betting has grown significantly in popularity in the past few years.

First, there are now more markets offered by bookmakers for corner betting. With more markets available, there are more opportunities to win. Additionally, as bookmakers increase their global presence, bettors have the opportunity to identify a lucrative niche and concentrate their efforts there in the hopes of finding value, whether it be per market or per league. The same applies to corners. In general, corners are more predictable than other markets, but thorough investigation is still required. 

Double Chance

In essence, double-chance betting increases your chances of winning from a single event. It can be used to cover two of the three possible outcomes in football with a single wager. It either eliminates the option for a draw entirely or combines the win/draw for both sides.


Bettors often find the scorecast markets to be highly intriguing. 

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a scorecast bet is simply a wager on who will score a goal in a game first.

Additionally, you combine this with the game’s final score, so the wager doesn’t end there. As you can see, it’s not easy to place this kind of wager correctly, but on the plus side, you can frequently find very high odds in this market.


In sports betting, half-time full-time is a commonly used term. It describes the result of a game at both half and full-time. In layman’s words, half-time, full-time meaning is the skill of forecasting the outcome of a match at the end of both the first and second halves. In football, this kind of betting is widespread.

Outright Bets

A wager on who will win a competition or tournament overall is known as an outright bet. You can place outright bets after the action starts, but the odds will probably be different. These bets are usually placed prior to the tournament.


An accumulator is a wager composed of several legs or selections, all of which must be successful for the wager to win. Since the return from the first leg becomes the stake for the second, the return (and returned stake) from the second leg becomes the stake for the third, and so on, the potential total return is significantly higher.

Long Term and Special Bets

Long-term betting entails guessing outcomes that will be determined in the far future. It might have to do with picking an award winner or the league season champion. Though it takes time, the payout is typically significant.

Also, any football-related future event, including division winners and individual awards, is open for special wagering. You can wager on a team’s chances of winning the Super Bowl if you believe they have what it takes. If you bet USD 100 on a team that currently has +900 odds to win the championship, you will make USD 900 if that team wins.

How Does Live Betting on Football Work

How Does Live Betting on Football Work

The concept of live or in-game football betting is self-explanatory: wager on games as they are taking place. There are moments when we want to wait to place our bets or watch a portion of the game through before doing so. With live betting, the odds are subject to sudden fluctuations and are updated continuously during the competition. 

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How to Place a Football Bet: Step-By-Step Guide

How to Place a Football Bet: Step-By-Step Guide

You must choose a bookie before you can place bets on football matches. The site should be legitimate, trustworthy, and offer respectable odds. Every match has its own unique features. You should research the match’s specifics and evaluate its advantages and disadvantages before placing a wager. Generally, betting on football works as follows: 

  1. Choose your bookmaker and register
  2. Verify your account and deposit some funds
  3. Choose your desired match
  4. Select the betting market and the odds
  5. Add your stake
  6. Confirm your bet and wait for the results

How to Win Football Bets

There are so many tips on how to bet on football out there. There is always potential for a surprise result, even if you do extensive research and know a lot about a game. But since the sport’s unpredictable nature adds to its appeal, it’s paramount that you rely on your own expertise when placing football bets. This helps in deciding which wager and game to aim for. Stick to safer bets like draw no bet or double chance if you’re new to football betting.

A reduced chance of losing money is ensured by betting on well-known markets, and knowledge and research are two of the most important components in identifying value.

How to Predict an Outcome of a Football Match

How to Predict an Outcome of a Football Match

In the complex world of sports betting, strategy and knowledge are essential. You can improve your accuracy in predicting football matches by following a methodical process and applying the winning formula. Below are just a couple of tips you can use to try predicting the outcome of the football match of your choice: 

  • Calculate the number of goals scored by both teams during the recent games and compare the numbers
  • Check the home and the away performances of the team
  • Read reviews and forecasts made by professionals
  • Analyze the data and create your own forecast

Betting on Football: Pitfalls

Betting on Football: Pitfalls

There’s no sure way to win at football betting. Rather, before making your decision, you must consider a plethora of factors. There is no such thing as a guarantee when it comes to football betting because the sport is unpredictable, which is precisely why we love it. However, there are a number of pitfalls you can avoid.

Lack of Knowledge About the Sport

The fundamental idea behind sports betting is sports knowledge. Your chances of winning drastically decrease if you don’t know anything about football. Therefore, you should educate yourself about football before you make your first wager.

Betting on Your Favorite Team No Matter What

The best way to cap off any year would be to watch your favorite football team go undefeated and leave the other teams in the dust. But since this is rarely the case, it is not a wise idea to start betting on football just to hope that your favorite team will win some extra money. Betting on your favorite team is perfectly acceptable. It is, after all, a fun part of placing real-money football wagers. All we’re saying is don’t put all your money on them in the hopes of reaping big rewards.

 If your research and football analysis indicate that the team is unlikely to win, set aside your emotions and don’t bet on them. Take a break from betting if you feel that your emotions are starting to affect your choices. Only go back to betting when you’re in a more analytical mood.

Ignoring the Current Form of the Team

You must be completely up to date on the teams’ current configurations on both the offensive and defensive ends. Analyzing their most recent performance, as well as the team lineup, including injury reports, is also necessary. Having this kind of in-depth understanding will make betting on football more fun. The more live games you watch, the more knowledgeable you will become.

Not Managing Your Bankroll

It is more important than ever to manage your bankroll and have a budget in place. Keeping track of all your wagers and noting their outcomes can help you make on-the-spot adjustments based on past performance. In light of this, be sure the money you deposit into your preferred sportsbook is the amount you can afford to lose. It is wise to make each bet the same size even though many advocate for huge bets that are larger than typical bets. It’s important to ignore social media sports bettors who encourage excessive betting because, shockingly, they frequently don’t even gamble themselves. This is a very dangerous tactic.

Long-term success requires careful bankroll management. Set aside a certain percentage of your overall betting budget (1–5% of your total bankroll) for every bet. By using this strategy, you can safeguard your money and avoid placing rash wagers that could quickly empty your bankroll.

Following professional advice, doing your own independent odds analysis of various bookmakers, and emphasizing the major points of the event are all crucial for winning sports betting. One shouldn’t stick to just one prediction and act upon it. It also includes having the ability to place your own wagers. Your chances of winning increase significantly if you understand the football rules, the makeup of the teams, their motivations, and how to analyze a specific match. Make sure you account for every pre-match move that could impact the contest’s outcome in your own predictions.

Read the rules and team statistics before placing a wager.



With so many bookmakers to select from and a wide variety of markets available, football betting is incredibly accessible, making it simple to begin betting on the game as soon as you register with your bookie. As long as you limit your wagers to what you are familiar with and feel comfortable with, betting on the thousands of football games played every year can be a lot of fun. Selecting wagers that offer good value is the greatest method to make money and stay away from losing heartbreak. You can now wager on football to increase the excitement, but please always gamble wisely.


How do you place a bet on football?
You choose your preferred bookmaker, select the team, the match, and the odds. Then, you simply confirm your bet.
What is the best football betting site?
You can choose from a plethora of trustworthy betting sites, such as 1xBet, Betika, and BetWinner, just to name a few.
How are football betting odds calculated?
The odds for the same event may vary slightly amongst sportsbooks. In order to get the best deal on your wager, you should compare odds from several sportsbooks. Your overall profitability can be greatly impacted by even a small difference in the betting odds.
What is ACCA insurance?
Some bookmakers offer a promotion called acca insurance that reimburses accumulator bets in the event that one selection is unsuccessful. The stake is usually returned in the form of cash or a free bet, protecting bettors from losing all of their money on a single bad pick.
What is cash out?
The option to cash out allows you to settle your wager before the event concludes. Bookies will pay you for your wager; however, depending on how the game is going, your payout may be more or less than what you had anticipated.
Can I cash out on football betting?
Yes, of course. If your wager is subject to cash out, you can settle it before the game ends.

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