Helabet Review

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Live streaming

HelaBet’s Score

Bonus offer
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience

HelaBet’s Pros and Cons

  • Legal and safe
  • Smooth navigation and great design
  • Wide sports library
  • Numerous betting options and features
  • Casino games accessible
  • Mobile application available
  • Large number of payment options
  • No Cashout feature
  • Live streaming not accessible
  • Few channels to reach out to support
Helabet Is the Platform Legal?

Asking yourself about the legitimacy of a sportsbook before joining it is a very good move. Before registering on a sports betting website where money transfers are involved, it is always important to check if the company provides its services legally. If the bookie you are joining doesn’t have a local license or isn’t verified by the government, it could cause further inconveniences, especially regarding money transactions, which is why we suggest always watching out for your own safety.

Speaking of HelaBet, we may assure you that you don’t have to worry about anything since the organization is absolutely legal in Kenya and is licensed and regulated by the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya. This license guarantees the organization’s legitimacy and gives it the official right to operate in the country.   


HelaBet Bonuses

When joining a new sports betting platform, the first thing every bettor does is go straight to the promotions section. And that’s absolutely normal since bonuses are one of the most interesting features a betting organization can offer. Promotional offers and bonuses permit bettors to increase their betting experience, spice up their traditional way of placing bets, and even win exclusive prizes that can be used later on the website. Unfortunately, some local betting companies don’t take the time to provide their users with a great experience by adding bonuses to their platforms, which is surely disappointing. 

However, HelaBet is not this type of sportsbook since it always has great offers to propose and is always ready to spice up its members’ experiences. Here are some of the most well-liked offers on the bookmaker’s site.

  • Rebate Bonus
  • 1st Deposit Bonus
  • Cashback
  • Accumulator of the day

Sports Collection

HelaBet Sports Collection

As stated previously, HelaBet has quite a wide range of sports displayed on its website. This collection can hardly compete with other sportsbooks on the local market since it is really diversified and large and will suit nearly every bettor visiting the platform.

We were pretty impressed by the fact that the bookie managed to offer its members such an exciting selection and found it really user-friendly. HelaBet surely looks out for its users’ preferences! We suggest taking a look at the most interesting types of sports provided by the company; unfortunately, we won’t be able to show them all since the list is really long.

  • Football
  • American Football
  • Darts
  • Chess
  • Futsal
  • Bicycle Racing
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Esports
  • Boxing 
  • Handball

You can take a look at the company’s sports collection by simply visiting their website.


HelaBet Sportsbook Review

Every sportsbook has its own specific features, right? HelaBet is not an exception since it has a great array of betting options that permit bettors to spice up their betting activity on the website. Most of these options are considered “traditional” and don’t have anything special apart from being very profitable and intriguing for bettors who wish to diversify their way of betting. These betting options mainly include betting markets and types of bets. We suggest checking them out in detail.

Betting Markets

Nearly every bettor knows what betting markets are, but for our new bettors to familiarize themselves with the feature, we will give you a quick explanation. 

Basically, betting markets are specific types of bets that permit the prediction of the outcome of certain matches and events and allow bettors to bet on those outcomes. Many sports betting enthusiasts adore this option since it permits them to earn more and profit from a more diverse betting experience than usual. 

In short, we could simply describe this feature as the possibility to select an alternative betting strategy and choose from a larger number of ways to place a bet. Let’s take a look at the most popular betting markets.


The 1X2 way of betting is actually quite popular since it permits members to bet not only on the winner but also on draws. It is commonly known as a way of betting on three because, basically, 1 refers to a home win, 2 to an away win, and X to a draw. Bettors adore this method for giving them the possibility to bet on sports with draws and profit from a cooler way of placing bets. 


Totals are wagers on how many points both teams will score in total during a game. However, as a bettor, you don’t have to guess the final score of a match. You simply have to guess whether it will go over or under a certain number. Basically, this way of betting is the same as an Over/Under, and users really enjoy it.  

Bet Types

Bet types may also be very different, and in order to make the appropriate selections, you will have to pick the correct types of bets. Bet types basically just permit you to spice up your betting journey and enhance your chances of winning. We suggest taking a look at the two most popular bet types on the HelaBet platform. 


The single one is the most traditional type of bet. When joining the platform, it will probably be the first bet you use to start off. This type of bet is mainly used by beginners but is also appreciated by pros for being simple and straightforward. Basically, a single bet permits you to bet on a single outcome of a certain match or event without engaging in any other betting strategies. It is as simple as that. 


The multiple bet consists of multiple selections, which is why it is called multiple. Basically, it combines a number of different single bets into one bet slip and makes the odds multiply with each additional leg. The more legs you add to your wager, the greater the reward.

Ways of Betting

HelaBet Ways of Betting

Have you ever thought that there isn’t only one way to place bets? Well, the HelaBet company managed to integrate into its platform a whole diversity of betting methods that will surely suit any bettor, new or expert. 

Diversifying the betting experience is important because playing the same way every time becomes quite boring at some point, right? That’s exactly what the company thought when developing its amazing features. Let’s check them out! 

Live Betting

You’ve probably already heard about live betting, which is a very popular betting option worldwide. Many bettors appreciate this feature internationally for allowing them to experience a diverse range of emotions during their betting journey and profit from an incredible opportunity to spice up their traditional way of betting. 

Basically, this option allows members to participate in classic sports betting but with a touch of spice; now, you may place your bets live while simultaneously watching an ongoing match. This means that the betting experience happens in progress and may be controlled in real-time by choosing the most accurate and profitable selections.

Live betting is obviously accessible via HelaBet as well by simply navigating to the “LIVE” section of the website, where you will find lots of appealing events and matches to place bets on.

SMS Betting

SMS betting is quite an interesting function, and it has been used by many platforms across the country for decades. However, it is quite old-school now since new technologies have emerged and many new betting functions have arrived on the market. Betting by sending SMS in 2023 sounds quite out-of-date, don’t you think? That’s exactly why HelaBet didn’t integrate this functionality into its betting system and went for more technological and modern options.

Mobile Betting

One of these modern options is, without a doubt, mobile betting, which basically focuses on betting via the HelaBet app. The company’s mobile app is very convenient and handy; many bettors adore it for allowing them to bet on the go and not have to depend on their computers anymore. It is super easy to navigate, simple to handle, and absolutely free to access. 

The HelaBet app gathers all the same functions as the desktop website, which means that you don’t have to worry about not being able to profit from your favorite features. Everything will remain the same but in a more compact and mobile way. Whereas the betting procedure itself is also nearly the same, except it is quicker and easier to perform. 

HelaBet Sportsbook Features

HelaBet Sportsbook Features

We have already mentioned a few times that the HelaBet platform has great features and offers very convenient betting services. The company managed to provide its members with a great array of betting options and functions that permitted them to profit from the platform in the most beneficial way possible. Besides offering its users a traditional betting experience, HelaBet also allows users to participate in live betting and take part in numerous casino games, which are really thrilling. Without further ado, we suggest checking out each feature and its characteristics in detail.

Live Streaming

Previously, we introduced you to live betting, and this option is often accompanied by the live streaming function. However, most companies prefer not to integrate this feature into their platforms, which is why it is quite rare in the Kenyan market. 

Basically, live streaming permits members not only to place bets on ongoing matches but also to watch the match simultaneously while still staying on the platform. Betting companies often integrate a sort of personal player into their Live section, which permits members to watch the event in real-time as if they were watching TV. 

This option is quite useful since it permits users to not get distracted from the website and focus on their betting in one place; unfortunately, HelaBet doesn’t provide this function at the moment. 

Esports and Virtual Sports

With the rising popularity of new technologies and innovations, lots of new games have seen the light of day over the past few years and have incredibly grown in popularity among all online activity lovers. This phenomenon has also affected the sports betting industry, and most companies nowadays provide betting services not only on traditional sports but also on cybersports, which is really intriguing. 

You probably think that this type of sports betting is popular exclusively among the young generation, but that’s absolutely not true since this activity is nearly one of the most well-liked in Kenya and around the world by all types of bettors. 

HelaBet also provides betting on esports and has quite an interesting array of games that are accessible to all members. Here are some of the most well-liked games that users bet on.

  • Dota
  • Dead Or Alive
  • Street Fighter
  • Big Rumble Boxing
  • Mortal Kombat 
  • WWE Battlegrounds
  • Angry Birds

Casino Games, Poker, and Other Activities

Ever wished to not only profit from sports betting but also take advantage of other cool games? Well, that’s exactly why the HelaBet company integrated into its sportsbook a casino section. This section of the website permits members to take part in gambling-derived activities of all types, including traditional casino games, modern games, slot machines, and other very appealing activities. 

Most bettors appreciate this section of the website a lot since it permits them to diversify their experience and distract themselves from their classic sports betting experience. We surely recommend taking a look at the games proposed by the site if you wish to diversify your visit to the platform.

Look out for casino bonuses in the HelaBet bonus section of the website.

Cash Out Feature

Cash Out is a very popular feature among sports betting enthusiasts since it permits them to benefit even from a bet that seems to be losing. It is one of the most well-liked betting features worldwide, especially since it is integrated into most platforms accessible on the market. 

In short, cash-out allows users to take out the funds they placed on the match before the end of the event in case they notice that they will lose or wish to take precautions. Most of the time, the money you retire is taxed, which means that you will not get back the whole sum you placed, but it will prevent you from losing it all. 

Sadly, HelaBet still didn’t add this option to its betting platform, which we find quite disappointing. Hopefully, this issue will soon be fixed. 

Payment Options

HelaBet Payment Options

Every member of a sportsbook, including members of HelaBet, is required to perform money transactions during their betting experience in order to profit from the platform fully. These money transfers are mainly referred to as the deposit and withdrawal procedures, which are necessary to benefit from the website and its offers. 

Most bettors already know that without going through these procedures, staying on the platform is absolutely pointless, especially since the company has managed to provide its users with a large number of payment options. We suggest discovering them in detail together.


The betting company HelaBet makes transactions in various currencies accessible on its website, which means that members may profit from transferring money in the currency of their choice. At the moment, the organization permits money transactions in nearly 50 different currencies, but listing them all is impossible. That’s why we selected a few currencies supported by HelaBet that are the most popular on the platform.

  • EUR
  • USD
  • AUD
  • NGN
  • BTC
  • KES

Deposit Methods

Depositing funds into your account is one of the most important things to do before proceeding with the betting procedure. Since, without topping up your balance, you won’t be able to participate in any kind of betting activity, this procedure is necessary. The money you invest is the money you use to place bets and participate in the games available on the platform, which is why you need to replenish your balance regularly. Besides, most bonuses and promotions are not available without making a first deposit on the website, which is why we decided to present to you the deposit methods available on the site.

  • Perfect Money
  • Astropay
  • PhonePe
  • Pay Do Wallet
  • Crypto
  • Jeton Wallet
  • Jeton Cash

Withdrawal Methods

After spending some time on the site and having earned some cash, it is time to take it out, don’t you think? To do so, it will be necessary for you to go through the withdrawal procedure and transfer the money you earned from your HelaBet balance to your personal bank account or any payment option of your choice. 

The withdrawal procedure is straightforward, so you don’t have to worry much about it. It is usually done in a few seconds and doesn’t require any preparation other than familiarizing yourself with the process. Besides, the platform provides quite a large array of payment methods, which is very convenient and will make your procedure even easier. The payment options available for withdrawal are the same as for the deposit procedure.

Overall Impression

Helabet Overall Impression

After exploring the platform for some time, we’ve formed an opinion on it and have multiple thoughts on the sportsbook and its main characteristics. We’ve observed the betting site attentively and examined all of its features, including the site’s options, its app, and its overall functionality. At the end of our research, we’ve come to the conclusion that all of our remarks should be shared with our readers, which is why we suggest discovering our impressions together.

Ease of Use of the Site

First, we should obviously give our opinion on the website itself. As soon as we got on the HelaBet site, we were really surprised by how vivid and appealing the color pattern is. It instantly attracted our attention! These bright purple shades are really flashy and look really nice with the yellow details. 

When we got to navigate the site and explore its main options, we found that the platform is simple to use, easy to navigate, and really smooth. Nothing slowed down during our exploration, which went quite well. We remarked that most of the tabs, panels, menus, and sections of the bookmaker were located carefully so that every user of the site could easily find the necessary information and perform the required actions. The company surely thought about its users when developing the site and made sure to organize everything in a way that would suit everyone. 

Besides, we would like to add that most of the popular and important sections of the bookie are located at the top of the page so that members don’t spend a lot of time searching for them. This is also really useful, and we appreciate that. 

Ease of Use of the App

Since the mobile application is nearly the same as the desktop version, but in a more compact form, its navigation and design are pretty much the same. The mobile application is designed in the same bright purple colors mixed with yellow shades and is extremely simple and quick in terms of navigation. We could even remark that the app, besides being pretty much the same as the desktop version, is even faster and permits even more rapid access to all the main functions of the bookie. 

Since the app is adapted for mobile devices, everything is organized in a way that permits users to locate all the necessary information within a few touches and smoothly navigate from section to section without making unnecessary moves. 

Most of the main characteristics are the same; they are just organized in a more mobile way, which is done very well.

What We Enjoyed

While getting to know the HelaBet platform, we were quite pleased with how the website is organized. It looks very appealing because of its vivid purple shades and instantly attracts visitors’ attention. Besides, the site, in general, is super simple to navigate and easy to use, thanks to all the sportsbook’s sections being placed delicately in a way that every user of the site, new or expert, may locate the necessary information. 

We also appreciated the bookie’s main betting offers, including the sports collection, the betting process itself, and the abundance of options and markets. The sports library displayed on the bookie’s site is really wide, which allows bettors to profit not only from traditional sports but also from rare ones, which is really interesting. Speaking of the betting procedure, it is quick and simple on both the desktop and mobile versions of the site.

What the Bookie Lacks

After having a quick tour of the HelaBet site and discovering all its main features, we were impressed with the abundance of profitable and appealing betting options on the site. The bookie abounds with interesting functions and offers, which is why we were quite surprised when we remarked that the sportsbook lacks essential betting features that have been recognized all over the world. For instance, the bookie still hasn’t integrated the cashout feature, which is one of the most popular and well-liked betting functions internationally. 

Also, we would be pleased to see a live streaming function appear soon so that members may watch the events they are betting on in real-time without leaving the site. 

Official Data

HelaBet Official Data

The last thing that we’ll be sharing with you before concluding our review is the bookmaker’s official information. Familiarizing yourself with the platform’s betting features and options is very important, but knowing the background and history of the betting site is even better. This information will permit you to learn more about the company and be sure to choose an organization that seems trustworthy and serious. Before proceeding to the most important information, we suggest taking a look at some of the main facts about HelaBet. 

  • Operating since: 2015
  • Headquarters: Kenya, Nairobi
  • License: Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya 
  • Owner: Propus Holding B.V


Have you ever encountered difficulties during your betting experience, or have you ever had questions about the bookmaker that didn’t get answers? That’s exactly the reason why HelaBet made a customer support service accessible on its website. 

The customer care service focuses on helping customers with any problems they encounter on the platform, including money transfer issues, betting issues, and other types of difficulties. Besides, the support team is always available and is ready to answer any questions you have regarding the platform or your personal experience. Don’t hesitate to address any of your inquiries to customer support; the HelaBet team is always pleased to help you and make things clear for you.

You may reach out to the support team by simply sending an email to the following address. support-en@helabet.com


The HelaBet company is a very dynamic and modern organization; over the past few years, it has greatly expanded its services to different countries and continues to grow actively. At the moment, most of the countries in which HelaBet operates are located on the African continent, but the betting platform is only starting off on the road to success. Let’s check the list of countries in which the organization is available.

  • Nigeria
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Tanzania 
  • Kenya


HelaBet Conclusion

After spending some time on the HelaBet website, we can assure you that this platform really impressed us. It is beautifully designed, has great betting options, is easy to navigate, and is totally compatible with mobile devices. Isn’t it amazing? We were most impressed by the company’s sports library since most of its betting functions are great but not totally new or extravagant. The sports collection is immense, which gives members the opportunity to pick from a variety of interesting sports and profit as much as possible. Besides, the bookie also provides casino services, including games and slot machines, that allow members to diversify their classic experience. Another good point is that the platform offers a great array of payment methods that allow members to transfer their earnings via any system of their choice.

Next time we visit the website, we will enjoy seeing new functions like live streaming or cash out that the bookie lacks at the moment. In this article, we gathered most of the data regarding the HelaBet sportsbook, but if you wish to learn more, please check the FAQ below.

HelaBet 15,000 KES Yes No Link
Melbet 26,280 KES Yes Yes Link
Shabiki 2,500 KES Yes No Link
Betwinner 15,000 KES Yes Yes Link
1xBet 20,000 KES Yes Yes Link


What is the minimum deposit for Helabet?
It is 1 KES. If you wish to learn more about limits, check out our article about HelaBet minimum stake.
What payment methods are accepted by Helabet?
Perfect Money, Astropay, PhonePe, Pay Do Wallet, Crypto, Jeton Wallet, and Jeton Cash.
What is the M-Pesa Paybill for Helabet?
The HelaBet paybill number is 290007.
What is the minimum withdrawal from Helabet?
It is 10 KES.
How do I join the site?
You may check out our article on HelaBet registration.
How do I start?
Please take a look at our article on how to play HelaBet if you want to learn more.

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