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Knowing how to receive your winnings from a betting platform is crucial information for every punter. Offered withdrawal methods differ from one website to another, depending on their location, how well-developed the service is, and many other aspects.

 Our article will research the ways to receive your money from BangBet, a relatively popular African bookmaker. The website has a lot to offer its users: from a functional Android application to a top-notch customer support service, from a great user interface to versatile casino options. Now, we will check the ways to withdraw funds from the platform!

How to Withdraw Money from BangBet: Four Methods

How to Withdraw Money from BangBet: Four Methods

So far, there are four offered methods to approach receiving money from the bookmaker. Apart from standard ways of doing so via mobile app and desktop website, BangBet also makes it possible to use SMS and USSD to withdraw funds. You can find more information on the matter in the paragraphs below.

How to Withdraw Money From BangBet via SMS

The ability to receive money via SMS is one of the platform’s standout features. Actually, this sportsbook is especially good at using such services for various purposes. Apart from withdrawing, you can join the bookmaker, check your balance, and even place bets just by sending a message.

If you want to receive your money from the bookmaker with the help of SMS services, simply go through these steps:

  1. Send a message containing “W#[withdrawal amount]” to 20829;
  2. You will receive a message from that number that will include other instructions;
  3. Follow them.
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How to Withdraw on BangBet via the Desktop Website?

Using the website is the default way to go for doing all the transactions, including outgoing ones. If you’re a desktop user who’s planning to withdraw your funds from BangBet, here’s what you should do:

  1. Log in;
  2. Locate the button showing your balance; it’s usually placed on the top right part of the screen;
  3. Click it;
  4. Find the “Withdraw” option;
  5. Select it;
  6. Enter the amount;
  7. Provide your details;
  8. All done.

How to Withdraw Money From BangBet Account via the App

BangBet offers a fully functional mobile application for smartphone users. Offering a long list of features that matches everything found on the desktop website, the app can also be used for withdrawal purposes. While it’s only accessible to Android users, iPhone owners can enjoy the mobile version of the website.

Below are the steps you have to take to receive your money from the platform if you’re using a smartphone:

  1. Go to the mobile website or open the app;
  2. Log in if you haven’t already;
  3. Tap the “Balance” button on the top right corner of your screen;
  4. Select “Withdraw”;
  5. Type in the sum;
  6. Provide the details.

How to Withdraw Money From BangBet Account via USSD

USSD is another unusual feature that can be used by punters. It allows them to withdraw the funds just by entering a number. Here are the steps:

  1. Dial the *852# number on your phone;
  2. Press 3;
  3. Enter the deposit amount;
  4. Proceed to the M-Pesa menu.

Other Ways to Withdraw Funds from BangBet Kenya

Other Ways to Withdraw Funds from BangBet Kenya

The main ways are good enough, but what services are used by the platform? Below, we will check the main payment systems offered for withdrawals and see how to use them.

Airtel Kenya

One of the most common mobile service providers across the African continent, it also offers its services as a payment system in several countries. Kenya is among them. To withdraw the funds by using Airtel, go through these steps:

  1. Log in to the website or open the app;
  2. Click or tap the “Balance” button on the right;
  3. Select the “Withdraw” option;
  4. Add the sum you plan to withdraw;
  5. Type in your Airtel information;
  6. All done.


M-Pesa is another widely used mobile payment system. It’s also quite popular in Kenya and is supported by several local and regional bookmakers. BangBet is one of those. Here’s what you should do in order to move the funds from the platform to your M-Pesa account:

  1. Tap or click the “Balance” button in your account;
  2. Go to “Withdrawal”;
  3. Enter the amount;
  4. Type in your M-Pesa details;

Alternatively, you can use the USSD method provided in one of the paragraphs above. It involves dialing the *852# number on your phone, choosing “3”, entering the amount, and doing the rest of the steps in the M-Pesa menu.

M-Pesa also can be used for depositing funds. We will not cover such a process in the matter, but it’s a relatively easy process involving entering a paybill number. 

Withdrawal Rules at BangBet

Withdrawal Rules at BangBet

As usual, there are certain conditions for withdrawing and rules you have to follow in order to meet the requirements. First things first, you must provide correct financial information when asked. You also have to be of legal betting age, which is 18 in Kenya and the majority of places in the world. Your personal information must also be correct and up-to-date.

Withdrawal Limits

As is usually the case, there are certain limits for both withdrawals and deposits. Let’s see how much you can receive from the platform at once and check the lower side of the range.

BangBet Minimum Withdrawal

KES 100 is apparently the minimum sum you can transfer out of the system at once. This is a rather low amount, making betting with the company quite accessible.

BangBet Maximum Withdrawal

The largest sum you can withdraw at once is KES 70,000. This will be enough for the majority of players. The daily maximum is KES 140,000. So in total, you can make two full transactions in a day.

BangBet Withdrawal Charges

While the bookmaker itself doesn’t apply any fees, the same cannot be said about M-Pesa. The mobile payment system charges you KES 15 per transaction, which isn’t much but can be bothersome if you’re transferring small sums.

Withdrawal Time

Withdrawal Time at BangBet

Withdrawals are usually nearly instant but can take longer on some occasions. The platform’s FAQ mentions that you can contact customer care if the funds haven’t been received within 5 minutes. The team will provide information on whether the transaction is pending and what you can do. This is impressive since many competing bookmakers take longer to process your transactions.

Withdrawing on Weekends

The service’s terms and conditions don’t mention anything about different withdrawal times on weekends or holidays. This likely means that we can expect the transactions to be almost instant on weekends as well, without waiting for them to stay pending forever.

Possible Withdrawal Issues and How to Solve Them

BangBet Possible Withdrawal Issues and How to Solve Them

Since no system can be perfect, some problems can occur during payout. They can happen on the customer’s side, be caused by the platform, or by the payment service provider.

Delayed Withdrawal of Funds

While the majority of transactions happen within a minute or two, they might be delayed sometimes. It’s difficult to predict them, and the reasons can vary. The T&C advises you to contact customer care if you’re in a hurry and haven’t received your funds within 5 minutes.


BangBet essentially belongs to the list of bookmakers that can be called all-in-one platforms. The service features nearly everything required to meet the needs of nearly every punter out there. It has a decent variety of sports, a long list of casino games, an intuitive interface, and a perfectly functional Android application. The payout methods provided by the platform might be a bit limited, but it nevertheless offers several ways to approach them, including those that are quite rare among modern bookmakers, such as using USSD and SMS.

We hope that the detailed descriptions and guides provided in the article will be useful for the readers. It can help new users decide whether they want to join the platform since the limited accessibility of some depositing options might be a crucial moment for them. The article can still be useful for those who already use the bookmaker’s services actively; for example, one might not know about the USSD depositing method. 

To learn more about the sportsbook, you can read our other articles covering BangBet Kenya.


How do I join BangBet?
The BangBet registration process is incredibly easy. There are just a few steps, but if you want to learn more, we described the procedure, how to log in, and possible issues in another article.
Are there any apps, and do they allow for withdrawal?
Yes, the BangBet app is offered for Android users, and you can quickly receive your funds with its help. Unfortunately, no application is offered for iPhone owners, but they can visit the mobile version of the website, which features the same design and provides identical capabilities, including transferring funds.
Are the apps free?
Yes, you don’t have to pay for anything if you want to download the Android application. There’s no iOS version yet, but we’re confident it would be a free one as well. Usually, one doesn’t need to pay to get bookmaking apps since the platforms generally receive their profits through other methods.
How much can you withdraw from BangBet?
You can withdraw KES 140,000 at max in one day. The limit placed for a single transaction is KES 70,000.
How long does it take to withdraw from BangBet?
The majority of transactions are instant, but sometimes things take longer. The platform claims that even in the worst cases, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes even in the worst cases and recommends contacting customer care if nothing happens.
When can I withdraw my free bet?
You can’t withdraw the free bet’s stake directly, but you can do so with your winnings. So far, it seems that the only BangBet bonus that can be fully withdrawn is a multibet one.
What is my daily withdrawal limit?
It’s KES 140,000. This will be enough for the majority of punters.
Can you cash out a bet early?
Yes, the cash-out feature is provided for the platform’s user. You can even use it for multiple bets. Moreover, there’s a partial cash-out feature offered on the platform. This means that you can get a portion of your deposited amount. This is definitely an advantage since some of the competition only offers a full cash-out option.
Are there withdrawal charges?
While the platform itself doesn’t have any fees for outgoing transactions, M-Pesa might ask you to pay KES 15 per transaction. It’s not much if you’re moving a large amount of money, but it can quickly get annoying if you’re trying to withdraw a small amount, especially when you’re not used to services charging you and prefer not to pay.
Are there slots, and can I withdraw my winnings from such games?
The BangBet casino options include several games that can attract even the most demanding of punters. It includes different versions of poker, keno, roulette, and baccarat. Other games are also offered.
How do I place my bets?
If you wonder how to bet on BangBet, you should relax and stop worrying. The process is simple both in the app and on the website, including its mobile version. Moreover, you can use SMS in case you can’t go online or don’t have a smartphone. We’ve covered all of the procedures in a separate article.
How do I deposit?
There seem to be only two BangBet deposit options: the payment systems called M-Pesa and Airtel. Thankfully, both are very widespread in Kenya. The steps are easy to follow, but we won’t cover the process in this article since there’s a separate text on the matter.
Are there ways to become consistently good at betting?
Betting is an activity that’s based on not only luck but also a skill. This means that there’s always room for improvement. Although, you must remember that no one is 100% perfect at predicting the outcomes. There are certain rules and tips that can help you get better at wagering. They mainly include tracking your finances and the results of your activity, as well as gaining more knowledge about your preferred sport and how the wagering works. Either way, we have a separate article on BangBet predictions that includes tips to help you improve.

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