BangBet Sports Betting Review

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BangBet’s Score

Bonus offer
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience

BangBet’s Pros and Cons

  • Useful interface of the website
  • Fully functional Android application
  • Various casino options
  • Wide selection of sports to wager on
  • Functional SMS options: one can sign up, deposit, withdraw, and place bets by using the messages
  • Has a Kenyan betting and gambling license
  • Lack of an iOS app version
  • The Android app isn’t offered at the Play Store and can only be downloaded as an APK file
  • No eSports to wager on

Betting on sports is quite popular in Kenya. So it shouldn’t be surprising that many local and international bookmakers offer their services in the country. BangBet, a popular service founded in Ghana, is among them.

In our article, we will describe the platform and what it can offer its users in Kenya. We plan to cover the main aspects and provide a detailed overview of the sportsbook’s features.

BangBet Features

BangBet Features

BangBet is one of the services called “all-in-one” bookmakers. The sportsbook contains valuable functions and capabilities and leaves little to be desired. It features an excellent user interface on the main website, a functional Android application, relatively versatile betting options, and a good selection of sports to place your wagers on. You can add the support of local currencies and payment methods to the mix, as well as a responsive customer support team that operates around the clock, and the result can be pretty impressive.

Is the Platform Legit and Safe?

Yes, BangBet is legally registered in all countries where it provides its services. Kenya is among them, and it’s no surprise that the platform has acquired a local license issued by the National Betting Control and Licensing Board. It implies that the company and service had to meet specific requirements to operate in the country.

BangBet Top Bonuses and Promotions

BangBet Top Bonuses and Promotions

Unsurprisingly, there are various bonuses, gifts, and promotions. They target both newcomers and regular players. The list includes multibets, free slots, and first deposit bonuses. Let’s look at some of them:

  1. First deposit bonus. The newcomers can enjoy additional gifts after depositing their first sum into the account. Their number mainly depends on the amount you’ve transferred to your wallet. Moreover, you also automatically receive free spins at the casino games, which are always double the amount of your first deposit.
  1. Extra 600% multibet bonus. This one increases your winnings based on the number of lines in your multiple bet. The more selections you have, the more significant the boost. If you have four lines, the rate is just 5%, but 600% for 50 lines. The requirements are simple: the odds must be higher than 1.2, you must make more than four selections, and you can’t fully cash out your wager (but partial ones can be performed).

Sports You Can Bet on

Bangbet Sports You Can Bet on

The service might not have the most extended list of disciplines to wager on, but it’s not the shortest either. There are many games you can enjoy. Although some things are missing, we would love to see eSports; they feature complex rules, can have exciting wagering markets, and are a great way to attract a new and younger audience to the platform.


Football, the most popular sport in the world to play, bet on, and watch, is unsurprisingly featured on the platform. We guess that no bookmaker doesn’t offer soccer betting. The list of events is quite massive, including everything from small local games to significant championships. The variety of offered wagering markets is pretty standard but will be enough to meet the needs of even the most demanding punters.


While not as popular as football, this game is also commonly played worldwide. It’s also offered for betting on most sportsbooks, and this bookmaker is among them. There’s also a sizable list of events, so you can always find a game to bet on.


While not as popular as some of the other disciplines, this game is still actively wagered on at some websites. The rules are simple, and the events can get quite interesting, so what’s not to like? Offering betting markets are standard for this platform: over/under, moneylines, and double chances.

BangBet Sportsbook Review

BangBet Sportsbook Review

While an excellent interface, useful features, and accessibility of payment methods are always great, the betting process itself is the main thing about any bookmaker. In the paragraphs below, we will see what this platform can offer in that department.

Bet Types

While we have already covered some games offered at BangBet Kenya, we can also take a closer look at the wagering options provided by the platform. They are not as diverse as the competition offers, but we think they have enough variety to have fun. Let’s check them out.


The most popular and straightforward betting option, moneylines, are used for every team sport on every platform. They are as simple as it gets; you must predict the game’s outcome correctly. The possible options include a win by either team or a draw.

Draw No Bet

These markets are similar to moneylines but with one significant difference: in the event of a draw, your bet will be refunded. This seemingly small difference can still play a prominent role, especially if you’re wagering on sports where draws are common, such as football. 


Another elementary and popular betting type, over/under, involves predicting whether the overall game’s score will go higher or lower than a certain point. Together with money lines, this type is relatively easy to understand. It’s prevalent among score-based games like football, tennis, or basketball.

Available Methods of Betting at BangBet

Available Methods of Betting at BangBet

Wagering on the platform comes in various forms, allowing punters to use different methods and find the most suitable for their needs. Let’s take a look at how you can place a bet with the bookmaker.

Live Betting

Live wagering, sometimes called in-play betting, allows the punters to make predictions during events. As a result, this can make for a more thrilling experience since the odds and The course of the game can change at any time. Such a feature is offered at BangBet Kenya, making it possible to place your bets on various sports during the events.

SMS Betting

The platform allows placing bets by using SMS services. It is pretty impressive and makes it possible to wager without going online. To do so, just send a message containing “[GameID]#[pick]#[stake]” to 20829. For multiple wagers, the formula would be similar; you would just have to add the “GameID” and “pick” combo before the stake.

Many capabilities of the platform can be used through SMS. You can check your balance, deposit, and even register by sending a message. It can be helpful in some situations and isn’t often offered by the competition.

Mobile Betting

Wagering in the mobile app or website is a feature expected from any modern bookmaker. BangBet Kenya is no exception; you can use its Android application or the website to place your bets using your phone. It makes the platform accessible anytime and anywhere.

Unfortunately, the bookmaker doesn’t offer an application for iOS devices. iPhone users can still enjoy the mobile version of the website, which has an interface identical to the one used in the app. It also has all of the needed features.

BangBet Sportsbook Features

BangBet Sportsbook Features

As is already clear, the platform provides everything that’s expected from modern betting services. But now it’s time to check out the additional features that the bookmaker can offer. They can make the betting experience even more enjoyable and attract different audiences to the platform.

Live Streaming

So far, it doesn’t seem like BangBet provides a live streaming feature to its users. That’s a bit unfortunate, but we hope such a function will become offered in the feature. It would be an excellent addition to other processes related to in-game experiences, such as live betting and cash out.

eSports and Virtual Sports

You can’t bet on eSports at BangBet, since such games aren’t included in the list of sports. The platform offers some virtual games found among the casino slots. They include horse and greyhound racing as well as motorsports. These games can be fun to test your luck without spending as much time as you would while betting on the “real” games.

Casino Games, Poker, and Other Activities

The bookmaker provides many casino options. You can participate in roulette, poker, and baccarat variations and try your luck with other games, such as keno and blackjack.

Cash Out Feature

The cashout function allows the users to claim their bet before the event ends. It is a great way to cut your losses, reduce the risks, or even turn some profit in a complicated situation. The feature is offered to the users of BangBet. It’s not provided for every event, but the variety of markets is wide enough. The partial cash-out feature is also offered.

Payment Options

BangBet Payment Options

The accessibility of payment methods and supported financial services are crucial aspects of each sportsbook; punters want to add money to their balance and receive their winnings without issues. Let’s check what’s offered for users of BangBet Kenya. 

Accepted Currencies

The platform works with the currencies of all the countries it operates in. These include the Ghanaian cedi and the Nigerian naira. Kenyan shilling (KES) is also supported by the service, which shouldn’t surprise since the company legally operates in the country and even features dedicated customer support lines for Kenyan residents.

Deposit Methods

While the service doesn’t offer many ways to transfer money to your account, the most popular payment systems are supported. They’re M-Pesa and Airtel. The platform covers all of your transaction fees, so there are essentially zero charges when depositing, although the bookmaker’s FAQ mentions that they can emerge in rare cases. Another thing worth mentioning is that you can use SMS to transfer money to your account on the platform.

Withdrawal Methods

Like deposit ones, the withdrawal options largely depend on the country. In Kenya, the same methods are used for incoming and outgoing transfers. You can receive the funds in your M-Pesa and Airtel accounts. Gladly, both systems are prevalent across the country. M-Pesa might involve a withdrawal fee of 15 KES, which the bookmaker doesn’t cover. There are some limitations: you can’t withdraw more than 140,000 KES at once or perform more than 30 transactions per day. The lower limit is 100 KES, the smallest sum you can receive from the platform.

Overall Impression

While we covered various platform functions, let’s look at it as a whole. User experience is quite important when considering the full picture. Below are our general impressions of using the service.

Website’s Usability

The website looks quite nice and features a rather intuitive UI. It follows the standard design patterns in most modern online sportsbooks but does so with style, avoiding over-bloating with data or looking outdated. It also loads quite fast, and all the needed buttons can be easily accessed.

App Usability

The application, offered solely for the Android platform, is quite impressive. No compromises were made: it features a full set of functions, providing users with everything needed for a complete gambling experience.

What We Like

As was already mentioned, we like both the desktop website and mobile app design. It looks colorful, is not outdated, and is easy to navigate. The variety of betting markets is also quite good, and so are the odds.

What’s Missing

While the platform is full of useful features, there’s room for improvement. For example, the list of disciplines to bet on can get longer and include eSports. The number of deposit and withdrawal methods can also grow more significantly. While the Android app is nearly perfect, we would love to see an iOS version that can make the lives of iPhone punters easier.

BangBet Official Info

BangBet Official Info

The brand comes originally from Ghana, but it started its operation in Kenya in 2018, and it is also offered in other countries on the African continent. The company behind the bookmaker is Rambo Resource Limited, and it has a local Kenyan registration issued by the national entity governing betting and gambling activities.

Below, we will look at some other official information provided to the platform users.

Customer Care at BangBet

The bookmaker provides top-notch customer care and offers its service around the clock. Different methods exist to reach it, so we put the contacts below.

BangbetKE BangbetKe Live Chat 0726999882

As you can already see, contacting customer support through the platform shouldn’t be difficult. The team is responsive and will quickly help you resolve the issues or answer your questions anytime. So use the contacts we provided whenever you need help.

Presence in Various Countries

BangBet was founded in Ghana and offered its services in many other African countries, having acquired local licenses and operating in those locations on a fully legal basis. You can access the platform in the following places: 

  • Ghana
  • Nigeria
  • Kenya
  • South Africa 


So far, it looks like the BangBet betting platform is famous for a reason. It offers everything a punter wants, from a decent selection of sports to a functional mobile application and support for popular payment methods. Gamblers can enjoy versatile casino options as well. 

This article aims to provide a detailed description of the platform and its features. We hope that the text can be helpful to newcomers and those doubting whether they should join the platform. If you want to learn more, we have other articles about BangBet and various aspects of the service.

BangBet FAQ

How good is BangBet?
So far, it’s a legit and reliable platform with a legal presence in Kenya and supporting a local currency. There’s also around-the-clock customer care. Moreover, the bookmaker supports the most popular payment systems in the country. The odds are also quite good.
Can I place wagers at BangBet with my smartphone?
Yes, the BangBet app is offered for Android users and can be downloaded as an APK file directly from the website. We don’t recommend downloading it from third-party websites since you can easily run into scams instead of getting an actual program. Unfortunately, there’s no iOS version of the application yet, but iPhone users can enjoy the mobile website, which has all of the needed features and a nice UI.
How can I join the platform?
The BangBet registration process is quite simple. It mainly involves providing your phone number and coming up with the password. We have a separate article on the matter.
What is the lowest stake on BangBet?
The BangBet minimum stake is quite small: it’s just 1 KES. It’s impressively low. The maximum isn’t specified anywhere but can be put in place for certain events.
Are there bonuses?
You can claim a BangBet bonus with ease. The offered options include the first deposit gift for new users, a multibet bonus that boosts the winnings you receive from accumulators, and many others.
How long does it take to withdraw from BangBet?
The withdrawals are processed nearly instantly but can take minutes on rare occasions. The service recommends contacting customer care if no funds have been received within 5 minutes.
What sport is the hardest to bet on?
That’s a difficult question. All of the disciplines offered on BangBet have quite simple rules. The most complicated ones are usually associated with eSports, which aren’t featured on the platform.
What is the easiest to bet on?
Again, there’s no definitive answer to that. You can bet on all the sports at BangBet features rules that are easy to follow. But we would choose football: the game is quite popular, has simple rules, and a lot of information online can guide you in betting on it.
Why can’t I cash out my bet?
The service reserves the right to make the cashout feature unavailable for specific events, so it’s likely a reason.
How can I add money to my account?
The BangBet deposit solutions include M-Pesa and Airtel, popular mobile payment systems. You can easily top up your account’s wallet and even use SMS to transfer the funds.
How can I receive my money?
If you’ve been wondering how to withdraw money from BangBet, there’s no need to worry. The platform offers the same options provided for depositing: M-Pesa and Airtel. Both payment systems are widely used across Kenya and are easy to operate so that you won’t run into any issues. Remember that M-Pesa charges a 15 KES fee for each procedure and that you can’t withdraw more than 140,000 KES per transaction according to the platform’s rules.
Can I gamble at the casino?
BangBet casino options are versatile and diverse. You can enjoy a wide range of different slots, from variations of poker and keno to more original takes on roulette and baccarat. Other games are also offered to the gamblers, making for a great experience.
How to get consistently successful at betting?
Wagering is a skill- and luck-based, so some rules can help you improve. Without putting any work into it, there are no magical ways to become a top-level player, and you shouldn’t expect to guess 100% of the outcomes. But we cover specific BangBet prediction tips in a separate article that can be used for wagering on any other platform and sport.

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