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It’s apparent that you can’t get very familiar with any betting website without trying it first. And the process starts with joining it by making an account. The registration procedure might be pretty simple and consist of a few straightforward steps, or it can get overly complicated, requiring the users to input personal data during the initial stage. In addition, it dramatically differs from one platform to another.

Our article will focus on everything related to the BangBet registration process in Kenya. We will also cover how to sign in if you’re already a user, list the reasons to register on the platform, and describe how to recover your password. Let’s start.

Reasons to Join BangBet Kenya

Reasons to Join BangBet Kenya

What is BangBet? It is a reliable betting platform that was founded in 2018. Over the years, the service has gained some popularity and reputation across the countries of the African Continent. The list includes Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya. It holds an official registration in all countries where it’s accessible. For example, in Kenya, the service has acquired a local license issued by the national Betting Control and License Board (BCLB).

The platform is full of features. It has a decently sized list of disciplines to wager on, some betting markets, various casino options, and a fully functional mobile app for Android smartphones. The website’s interface is nice and easy to use, putting it ahead of some competition clinging to outdated designs. You can also quickly contact the sportsbook’s customer care service.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the bookmaker supports depositing through the most popular Kenyan payment systems: M-Pesa and Airtel. It makes the money transfer process quite accessible to the country’s residents.

Terms and Conditions of Registration BangBet Kenya

The sportsbook doesn’t have strict limitations for its users. However, if you want to join the platform, you must be a resident of one of the countries where the service is officially offered, including Kenya, and be of a minimum betting age or older. In this country and most places worldwide, it’s 18 years old.

You’re responsible for providing the correct information about yourself and keeping it up-to-date. You should also regularly check the T&C for changes. For example, your account may be suspended or closed if the company suspects nefarious activity. You can also ask the service to temporarily freeze your account if you are developing unhealthy betting habits.

How to Get the Most out of the Registration Process

Many betting platforms motivate new users by offering welcome gifts and free deposit bonuses. The latter is also featured on BangBet. It currently works by providing free gifts after a new user places money on their account for the first time. Another thing is that they will get a 200% casino bonus after their first deposit. It is excellent, especially for those who like gambling more than betting or want to try their luck.

Different Wаys tо Register at BangBet

Different Wаys tо Register at BangBet

There are several approaches one could take when joining the website. Various options allow players to create accounts using a mobile phone, a website, or SMS services. Let’s take a closer look.

How to Create a BangBet Account viа the Mоbilе Phone App

The bookmaker offers an Android app and a mobile version of its website. Both have identical interfaces and the same sets of features. Below, we describe how to join the platform by using the mobile website:


Open the BangBet App

Open the app or the website in your smartphone’s browser. At the top right corner of the screen, locate the “Register” button.

Add the Required Details

Add your location and your phone number. Come up with a password.

Confirm Your Registration

Double-check the information and confirm your sign-up.

How to Register on BangBet Online

Joining the platform through the desktop website online was the originally developed option that is actively used by many. The steps aren’t that different from the mobile options, but here they are:


Open the Website

Visit the website and choose to register.

Add Your Details

Enter your phone number and set up your password.

Confirm Your Registration

Double-check the information and confirm your sign-up.
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Sign up via SMS

Surprisingly, an additional option allows one to create accounts just by sending an SMS message. It is unusual but is an excellent alternative to classical methods. It also doesn’t require you to be online. If you plan to join the platform by using this solution, do the following:

  1. Send a message containing the word “BangBet” to 20829.
  2. You will receive a welcome message that will include your username and password.
  3. Once you go online and visit the website or open the app, use the information to log in.
  4. Change the default password to something else.
  5. Congratulations!

How to Log in at BangBet

How to Log in at BangBet

We’ve already covered the process of signing up. But there’s another vital procedure that users must regularly go through. It’s the process of logging into the account. Let’s see how the website and mobile app handle it.

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How to Sign In by Using the App

If you want to log into your account using the mobile website or the application, there’s no need to worry. The process is straightforward. Here’s what you have to do: 


Open the App

Open the app and choose to log in.

Add Your Details

Select your country code and enter the phone number you’ve registered with. Type in your password. Choose to log in.

How to Sign In on the Website

Logging into your profile on the desktop is also extremely simple. The steps are essentially the same:


Open the Website

Launch the website and choose to log in.

Add Your Credentials

Select your country and type in the phone number. Enter the password.

Choose to Log In

You’re now ready to use the website!

Alternatively, you can sign in with Facebook by clicking the other button instead of the “Login” one. It makes the process even more straightforward.

How to Recover Your Password

BangBet How to Recover Your Password

If you forgot your password but still have access to your phone number, you can recover it. Here are the steps:

  1. Click or tap the “Login” button.
  2. Select the “Forgot password?” option.
  3. The window will appear.
  4. Enter your valid phone number.
  5. You will receive a 4-digit one-time passcode.
  6. Type it in for verification.
  7. Tap or click “Next.”
  8. Set a new password.
  9. All done.


The platform is an excellent fit for punters and gamblers of all kinds. It offers its customers many features and options, along with an Android app, proper customer care, and a neatly made UI. But our article was focused on the registration and sign-in approaches. And it doesn’t disappoint in these departments: there are several methods for creating an account, including an impressively surprising solution that involves sending an SMS message.

We hope that our article will be helpful for those who are thinking of joining the platform. The information can also help users who have only recently registered with the bookmaker. If you want to learn more about BangBet Kenya, you can read our other articles about the sportsbook.

BangBet FAQ

How can I get my Bangbet user ID?
The BangBet app is offered for Android users as an APK file. Unfortunately, you won’t find it on the Play Store. There’s no iOS version, either. However, iPhone or Android users who can’t or won’t download the application can visit the mobile version of the website. It’s perfectly functional and has all of the same features offered on the desktop version, and its design is identical to the one used in the app.
Is there a mobile application?
The BangBet app is offered for Android users as an APK file. Unfortunately, you won’t find it on the Play Store. There’s no iOS version, either. However, iPhone or Android users who can’t or won’t download the application can visit the mobile version of the website. It’s perfectly functional and has all of the same features offered on the desktop version, and its design is identical to the one used in the app.
How do I activate my free bet?
You can use free bets after receiving them as gifts or bonuses if you can get one. For example, regular users have various promotions, while newcomers can put some money into their accounts and receive free spins at the casino and additional gifts. Any BangBet bonus can make your experience with the sportsbook even more enjoyable.
What is the minimum stake on BangBet?
The lower limit is 1.00 KES. It is quite a small sum, making wagering on the platform very accessible. There’s no maximum amount, but the bookmaker reserves the right to set one for chosen events.
How good is BangBet?
BangBet is a reliable platform that holds licenses in all countries where it’s officially available, including Ghana and Kenya. The odds offered by the bookmaker are in line with what most of the competition features. It is because the company had enough time to prove itself trustworthy. There’s also a responsive customer support team that is easy to contact.
Who is the owner of BangBet Kenya?
The sportsbook is owned and operated by Rambo Resource Limited. This company has its legal presence in Kenya, and the platform holds the license required for providing betting and gambling services in the country.
Can I play casino games at the sportsbook?
The BangBet casino options are offered to both mobile and desktop users. They are pretty diverse, ranging from baccarat and roulette variations to more original games.
How can I improve my betting skills?
No magical all-around solution would instantly make you a skilled punter. But there are some rules that you can follow to get better at wagering. They involve learning more about the games and betting, planning your budget, and keeping good discipline. We have a separate article covering BangBet prediction tips if you want to learn more.
How to delete my account?

There are several ways to delete your profile. The most straightforward would be:

  1. Log in.
  2. Find the “My Account” tab.
  3. Select the “Delete account” option.

If you still have problems removing or closing the account, contact customer care and ask them to delete it.


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