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There are lots of betting markets out there. But only a few can actually be engaging and challenging for the skilled punter. Even a rookie knows how to bet in singles, but there are wagers only a veteran bettor can place reliably.

In this article, we are going to talk about one of them, a handicap bet. Describe everything you need to know about it in massive detail so that you won’t have to wonder about it ever again. Stay tuned for the handicap betting explained and get ready to win some cash and place your bet!

General Sense of the Word Handicap

General Sense of the Word Handicap

So, what is handicap betting? Generally, a handicap is an advantage, a head start if you will, awarded to a certain team or sportsman in accordance with the tournament rules or to level the playing field.

A head start is quite often used in football. For example, imagine a series between Atletico Madrid and Valencia in the Spanish LaLiga.

In the first match, while being guests, Atletico came out on top, with the score being 2 to 0. It means that to win the series, Atletico will only need to get a draw or lose with a score difference of no more than 1 while playing on their home turf, and if you bet on this result, you would be victorious.

In the case of Valencia scoring 3 to 0, they are going to win by 1; and in the case of Valencia scoring 2 goals to 0, the match will go into overtime or a series of penalties.

The F1 series also nicely illustrates handicap, as a place closer to the starting line is given to the player based on their performance in the previous race.

What Is Handicap in Betting on Sports

It is a kind of betting option in which you bet on the game with the handicap in mind, which means that in it, the bookie would be giving the handicap to one of the teams.

What Is Handicap in Betting on Sports

Assume you want to bet on the game between the Miami Heat and the Golden State Warriors. A bookie of your choice has a betting option that involves the Warriors winning with more than a 20-point lead. That means that to win your bet on the Warriors, they would have to win the game and have a 20-point advantage.

One notable plus of the handicap bets is the fact that they often have greater odds and, in turn, greater winnings from the bet. This logic applies to the game, where the the one to win is so obvious that bookmakers offer miserable odds for simple betting markets like 1X2.

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Handicap Bet Types

The handicap betting is diverse and has a bunch of interesting subtypes. In the following paragraphs we will be describing some of them to get you an overview on the most popular types of handicap betting.

2-Way Handicap Betting Explained

This is a traditional, the most popular way of handicap betting. You are betting on whether a team will be victorious or not with one of teams given a virtual advantage based on their performance. For example,

3-Way Handicap Betting Explained

This is a subtype of handicap betting in which you can place a handicap bet on not only one of a winners but also on a draw. This is basically a double chance bet wrapped in the handicap clothes.

For example if you bet on the draw in a game between Heats and Lakers and it, in fact occurred. You would receive a better winnings than they would be if you have bet on the Lakers or Heat.

Whole Number Handicap Bets

This is a type of a handicap bet in which you are betting on, same as a three way handicap. You bet on either one of the teams winning or the match to end in a draw.

Half-Number Handicaps

In this subtype of a handicap bet on a game where draw is not valid as an outcome. Basically a regular win/lose bet. We will talk more about this type and how it your bet in it can be one of the best ways to make money from the betting.

In Which Kinds of Sports You Can Use Handicap Match Betting

In Which Kinds of Sports You Can Use Handicap Match Betting

You can place the bet with the handicap on pretty much every sport there is, be it football, basketball, or MMA.

Handicap Betting in Football

In football wagering, a “handicap” is a type of bet in which one team is given an advantage over the other, represented by a number. I.e., a match between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur is about to occur.

You, as a bettor, may place a stake on either of the teams with the handicap ranging from 1.5 to 3.5. for your bet to go through, your chosen team must score more points than the opponent to win, considering the given handicap.

What Is Handicap in Betting on Sports

First Half Handicap

First Half handicap betting is a sort of bet that takes into consideration the results of a first half of the match. Basically, you bet on what team will lead by scoring goals at the end of a first half with the added handicap.

Draw Handicap

Draw handicap betting is the opposite of the previous one, it’s the bet that allows for it to end in a draw because the numerics are whole numbers instead of decimals. It is easier to win it, then a regular handicap.

Draw Handicap

No-Draw Handicap

No-Draw Handicap betting is an alternative to the previous one, no-draw handicap eliminates the possibility of the handicap tie. It is feasible due to the fact that the handicap is represented by a decimal numeral.

To bet on the no-draw spread and win your bet is a true manifest of your betting skills. It is quite a bit harder than the draw one and is considered one of the best ways to make money on betting if you know what you are betting on and overall doing.

What Is a Goal Handicap

Goal handicap betting in a sense, is a special kind of handicap betting in which no points are given, but the advantage is shown in the number of goals scored.

Thus, imagine the number of goals as a handicap number and you will be good to go.

Handicap Match Betting in NFL

Handicap Match Betting in NFL

The American National Football League also has a system of handicap match betting, which is similar in nature to the one that is present in soccer, although due to the difference in average total score in the game, American Football betting gravitates more to the Asian handicap as the preferred type of bet. The game has a lot of points scored during it, so it is no wonder.

Handicap Match Betting in Rugby

In rugby, the handicap is awarded to the team in much the same fashion as in football. Yet again, though, the Asian handicap is more preferred since the game operates with a high-score system.

Handicap Match Betting in Rugby

Asian Handicap Betting

It is a special type of handicap that is popularised in Asia. Asian handicap betting is not as popular in football or other comparatively low-scoring sports but quite acclaimed in the games such as basketball. It is quite like the regular (also known as European) handicap. However, there are a few important differences.

The Difference Between the European and the Asian Handicap Betting

In Asian handicaps, unlike in European ones, the number might be represented by a fractional number, like 1,75 or 3,25.

In this particular case, the bet will be split into two adjacent ones. For example, if you are to bet on the Asian handicap of -1.75, half of the bet will be placed on -1.5 and the other half on -2. It’s almost as if you are beating on two outcomes at the same time. So, if you bet on any party, you can not be dissapointed.

If any part ends up with a tie-in point, this part of the staked sum will be returned to you, which is the main difference. If the same situation occurs with a European one, for example, the tie will be taken as a loss, and the money will be gone. Asian handicap betting is generally more lucrative for the bettors based on statistics.

The Difference Between the European and the Asian Handicap Betting

What Is the Difference Between Spread and Handicap

What Is the Difference Between Spread and Handicap

Any form of handicap betting, be it European or Asian, can be considered the same market as the spread bet. These concepts are absolutely synonymous, with no difference except for the wording.

If you would like to dig deeper, the number in a handicap bet can also be called a “spread” in its original sense. For example, if “Handicap -4.5,” the number “-4.5” is the spread, whereas the entire “Handicap -4.5” is either a point spread bet or a handicap bet.

How to Win Handicap Bets

Aiming to win a handicap bet is not that dissimilar from aiming to win the regular one. Just keep in mind that you are betting on a drastically underrepresented team or a player. The game itself, however, doesn’t change.

How to Win Handicap Bets

Asian handicap betting is also similar in that regard. In asian handicap betting, more emphasis is placed on the relative points difference, yet it is not all that complicated.

Just understand how handicap betting works in general, and you are destined to win your bet.

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There you have it. Handicap betting explained! Handicap betting and the spread bet are tricky things, yet we think that an avid punter will be finding it quite attractive due to its challenging and skillful nature. To bet on a spread and get some money from the process is truly an expression of skill.

And now, since you know all about it, we encourage you to go out there and try your luck at the handicap betting and spread game. After all, it would be at least more entertaining, if not straight-up, more profitable!

FAQ on Handicap Football Betting

How does a handicap work in football betting?
Quite simply, you need to place a regular bet, but choose a handicap with a positive or negative number as the betting market.
What does handicap +1.5 mean in football?
That means that the bet will win even if they’ve lost by a goal or got a draw.
What does “+2 handicap” mean?
It means that a team is given a 2-point advantage by the bookie. This advantage will be added up to the official result of the match, and that calculation will decide whether your bet wins or loses.
What is the meaning of handicap -3?
That means that a team is awarded a 3 point head start at the beginning of the game.
Are handicap match bets legal?
They absolutely are, you can place your bet with the spread or handicap on any licensed Kenyan gaming platform.

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