5 Useful Tips On How To Predict Football Matches More Accurately

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Betting on sports is a quite hard, but rewarding hobby if you have dedicated enough time and made an effort to be completely ready. It may appear to be a silly business that even a child can deal with. But in reality, the statistics indicate that only a miserable percentage of punters are flowing above the red line. And that’s for a reason. Usually, attitude stands to be the factor that divides bettors into recreational ones, who’re just having some fun with wagers, and professionals, who’re claiming to make a living on betting. No matter what category you put yourself in, this article will help you improve in terms of how to make more accurate predictions. Let’s get started!

1. Knowledge

When it comes to football, the first thing you get to aim at is a comprehensive knowledge of this field. You get to become a theoretical master at soccer, meaning you don’t have to hit the ball like Ronaldo, but you get to distinguish between good and poor plays, a successful or frankly weak team, and so on. Moreover, you have to avoid limiting yourself to only one local league. It would be much more beneficial to get your hands on world soccer championships and teams.

Once you’ve developed enough experience in the abovementioned subject, your next step to making accurate predictions is taking into account unforeseen factors that can curve the pace of the play. This implies the current team roster, how they compare to each other, previous and potential injuries, emotional factors, personal correlations between participants, and even the weather. Remember that nobody can make a 100% accurate prediction; there’s no such thing in sports betting due to its ever-changing nature. You will definitely have your own ups and downs. But generally speaking, predictions based on statistics and analytics have a higher potential to fire.

Knowledge equals success? Nope. Knowledge on its own is nothing but a bunch of facts in your head. But the proper application of knowledge, that what can bring you closer to success.

Become Professional in Certain Leagues

Become Professional in Certain Leagues

If you prefer only one specific soccer league, it would be a great place to start. You will easily increase your awareness in this area and start making your first winning wagers. Although being a professional only in certain leagues limits your ability to bet on a regular basis because each league has active uptime and offseasons. It’s also a challenge not to get your eyes blurred after watching the same teams throughout the year. Overall, we suggest you begin with one specific league you’re confident about, and then slowly proceed to the world arena.

Place Bets By Finding Out the Closing Odds and the Lineups

This tip can seem quite tricky, but it helps guarantee the most beneficial state of the bet. In the gambling industry, odds available in pre-match betting formats tend to change dramatically the closer the game begins. You are not the only one watching out for analytics, but the staff of the bookmaker accompany you in this task. Their goal is to set acceptable odds for both the punter and the bookmaker. If you have enough time to comfortably place a bet in the last 30 minutes prior to the game, you’ll be able to select the most beneficial odds on the market and receive a little bit more value out of your wager.

Pay Attention to the Motivation of Teams

Pay Attention to the Motivation of Teams

It’s much easier to make the right prediction when you consider the team’s motivation. This logic does not quite apply to the matches when the season kicks off. But when it comes to the mid to late game season, you’ll see some teams more willing to win than others. Let’s say team A is safe to leave group X in a good position no matter the result of the match. While team B is desperate to beat team A in order to leave group X and continue the season. Obviously, some sportsmen will be more focused and engaged, while others can be more chilled and relaxed. This is the simplest example, but the logic can be implied in various scenarios. Occasionally, some players are motivated to get sweet revenge on a bitter rival, so they will tear themselves to shreds but win the match. Keep that in mind.

2. Patience

As a rule, speed does not always help in making important decisions, and sometimes, on the contrary, it prevents you from weighing all the factors and seeing what is inaccessible to the glance of a cursory analysis. Patience is a trait that can help you avoid such events. Remember that sports betting is not competition. It doesn’t matter who makes the first and last bet; what really matters is who made the right call and got some cash. Take as much time as you need to be entirely ready, and in case you don’t have enough time, simply skip the match and get prepared for the next one.

Never bet in a hurry; you risk losing your hard-earned money and making mistakes where you would never normally make them.

3. Combine Multiple Bookmakers

Combine Multiple Bookmakers

Each and every single one of us has our own preferences in everything, including sportsbooks. It’s OK and there’s nothing wrong with it. But there’s always a but. Combining various bookmakers in order to get the highest possible value out of a wager is an essential key to improvement. Let’s say you have an account with BetWinner, but for the particular match, 1xbet offers more advantageous odds. You either have to accept destiny and place a wager with lower odds, or take fate into your own hands and create an account with 1xbet. That was just an example, but the conclusion comes of its own accord. Take advantage of the industry by researching the best odds in the region across all available and licensed sportsbooks. If you had a pool of 3–4 bookmaking companies, it would be much easier for you to place a valuable bet.

4. Statistical Research

We’ve already mentioned statistics twice, so it’s safe to say that statistical research deserves its own spot on our list of tips. With decent sports knowledge, you can easily develop a mastery of statistics if you know how to apply them. In its original scientific sense, statistical analysis means investigating patterns, trends, and relationships using quantitative data. Well, in our digital age, it is no longer a problem to get quantitative data with the proliferation of the Internet and information on it. The result can highlight certain patterns of a team, for instance, how many yellow and red cards could be received, what is the general strategy or plan for a match, who is more likely to score a goal, if any, what is the average ball possession, or, eventually, who has higher chances to win. Nowadays, there are tons of options on the Internet thanks to Google and various websites and applications that focus on sports statistics and analysis. They can come in handy if you’d like to cut some time in preparation, but it’s quite risky to blindly trust them.

Supplement your own observations and judgments with thoughts and data from topical sports analytics sites or apps. As they say, one head is good, but two heads are better.

5. Practice: Quality Over Quantity

Practice: Quality Over Quantity

Theorycrafting is an excellent business, but just like with any other field of application, you should evolve theory into great practice. Don’t be scared to place your first bet; it does not have to be a large sum. Start smart and bet small to test your knowledge and smell what it’s all about. The more wagers you place, the better your general understanding of how to read odds, predict specific scenarios, and react to unexpected events with advanced extra features like cash-out. And remember that, first and foremost, sports betting is an entertainment and a hobby, and quality over quantity should always apply to your experience. Even if you are moving away from fun to the “professional betting area,” the same rules should be respected.

Practice makes perfect. Don’t be intimidated to take your first step into sports betting, but do it wisely and cautiously.

How to Directly Predict a Victory in Football?

Oh man, this question rages in the minds of every person who has ever thought about betting on sports. Technically, physically, logically, and God knows how else, nobody has a third eye or inner voice to directly predict a victory in any match, no matter what they say. However, we can predict the probability of a certain outcome in percentage, where we can clearly see the chances of occasion A and occasion B. We can firmly claim that, with a strong probability, this or that event will happen. That’s it. And there’s still a room for any outcome to come true since chances do not equal zero in both options. Everything else is just empty words thrown around to confuse you or to try to take advantage of your trust, maybe even to try to charge you for information under the label of 100% truth.

Be alert when seeking such information because scammers are always on duty. Just think about the fact: why would anyone sell you the insight that could potentially bring them mountains of gold. It just doesn’t make any sense to us, hopefully to you as well. Let alone the fact that fixed matches are illegal activity on the border of financial crime, and that would be the only occasion where you could directly and correctly predict a victory in football. Everything else is speculation, and that brings nothing to the table but distress.

Websites with Football Predictions

Websites with Football Predictions

Taking into account everything that was said before, it might seem useless or even dangerous to rely on things like websites with football predictions. Indeed, but with a powerful remark. In reality, it’s an acceptable strategy to compare your own predictions with those given on the thematic websites or Telegram channels. But if you see something like “100% true”, just close the page and mark it as fraud. Grab predictions and advice only from sources that understand and support the view that there’s nothing certain in the world of betting. It’s only a game of chances. And if the editorial team shares the same betting religion as you, there’s nothing stopping you from learning some information on the website and putting it into practice. In the following parts of the article, we’re going to examine four pages that offer predictions to some extent.

1. Tipstrr.com


Tipstrr is a platform-aggregator where experienced punters share their predictions with others. Those punters are labeled as tipsters, and the accounts of thousands of them with proven track records are available for peeking. The platform covers a great diversity of sports, so you can use it not only for football matches. It’s worth noting that Tipstrr.com is an international website, so you also have the opportunity to have a look at the same match from a different angle, let’s say from an English or German point of view.

  • A full-fledged online portal with predictions on sporting events
  • Free tips each day without a subscription
  • Boundless number of predictions from all over the world available after subscription
  • Modern and user-friendly design
  • Interactions via website and Telegram channel
  • No free trial period
  • Only English language
  • No applications for Android or iOS

2. Playthepercentage.com


This website provides comprehensive details and analysis of upcoming matches. Unlike Tipstrr, Playthepercentage has its own editorial team of experts, so you won’t have to spend time searching for a suitable person to take advice from. The price of a monthly subscription does not bite, always keeping it around £10, but for access to absolutely all the features of the website, the cost of a monthly subscription is already £15.

  • Free trial period
  • Almost 200 leagues covered with more than 90 betting markets
  • Unique stat tools
  • InPlay Alerts
  • Active Community Group, where you can discuss ideas, suggest topics, and propose your own bets
  • Prices at an acceptable level
  • Absence of free tips
  • Only English language
  • No applications for Android or iOS

3. Statisticsports.com


Statisticsports, with its almost 10-year history, covers everything in terms of statistics. Almost 2.1K football games are covered each week, and more than 12K punters are using the service. The price is quite exorbitant, even for the smallest set of tools. But you can check plenty of reviews on YouTube prior to making a final decision.

  • Free trial period
  • 3 types of subscriptions: LITE, DELUXE, and PLATINUM
  • Notifications right on your phone
  • Modern and functional design
  • Large number of available statistics and tools
  • Absence of free tips
  • Only English language
  • Set of features firmly restricted to subscription level
  • Quite a high price for subscription

4. Betensured.com


Betensured is a well-known international platform for sports predictions and betting tips. It operates almost like a Tipsterr—you receive a bunch of free bets each day, but have no access to the expert picks without being charged for a subscription. The website seems to be a little bit laggy and outdated, but if you’re satisfied with the result of the prediction, this won’t bother you at all.

  • Free tips each day without a subscription
  • Website supports English, French, German, Spanish, and Chinese languages
  • Expert Advisor Section with detailed information about previous predictions
  • Lucky 5 Predictor promotion
  • Medium sports coverage
  • No free trial period
  • No applications for Android or iOS
  • Quite outdated design
  • ❌ Price


Every bettor would like to live in a world where everything wouldn’t be so uncertain. However, the purpose of sports betting would be defeated in this case, as the emotional outburst and the rollercoaster on your nerves are essential feelings you seek when betting. The passion for sports combined with the money involved is something that makes us come all over again, even after a failure. We hope that our pieces of advice will come in handy when you get your hands on sports betting. And may good fortune be on your side.

Still got some questions? See answers to FAQs below.


Who makes the most accurate football predictions?
There’s no such title yet. Some platforms allow you to pick a prediction based on the previous history of the tipster (i.e., the person who’s offering an opinion on a match). Tipstrr.com and Betensured.com are among those websites that provide such a service.
How does one predict a win in a football match?
A trustworthy prediction is always based on various factors, like lineups, previous performances, current status and preparation of players, and comprehensive analytical data. Always check that a prediction does not simply come out of someone’s head without grounding that is published on the website for your perusal.
Should I bet on fixed matches?
Never in a million years. Fixed matches are a form of illegal activity that’s more likely to be prosecuted in Kenya as a financial crime. Moreover, it’s a known form of fraud, and if you’d like to avoid being scammed, stay away from such things.
How do I win a daily bet?
You’re required to make use of all five tips we’ve mentioned in this article. Put together, it’s a knowledge, patience, practice, and statistical approach to betting.
How do you predict soccer outcomes?
There’s no magical key to making the right predictions. It comes with experience and knowledge, but nevertheless, you’re able to grab some predictions right now on websites like Tipstrr or Playthepercentage. These platforms were reviewed above in the article along with a couple of other suggestions.
How do you predict odds?
You don’t really grasp the concept of odds if you’re asking how to predict them. Odds are set by the bookmaker and represent the chances of a certain outcome being added to the margin of the sportsbook. You can’t predict the odds in any scenario. However, you’re welcome to pick the bookmaker with the most beneficial odds on any given match.
How many outcomes are there in the accumulator of 17 football matches?
Considering only three possible outcomes for each of the matches (i.e., a home win, a draw, and an away win), there are three to the seventeenth degree outcomes. If we skip the calculation, it’s 129140163.
What are the easiest football bets to win?
Straight bets like 1X2 would be the simplest ones to win. They apply one outcome out of a total of three possible: HW for the home win, D for the draw, and AW for the away win.
What is the best football skill?
The Maradona Turn, The Cruyff Turn, and The Rabona are, without a doubt, among the best football skills.

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