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Cash-out is among those betting features that make the live experience much more thrilling and provide more control over your chances at the same time. So it’s no wonder that it’s so common: many bookmakers offer it. Some even provide additional features like partial cash-out, offline one, etc.

Betika, a well-known Kenyan wagering platform, also offers this function. And that’s precisely what we will cover in our text. We will explain the way the function works, how Betika treats it, the offered markets, and so on. We will also provide tutorials on how to check the availability of the feature and how to use it. Enjoy the read.

About Betika

About Betika

Established in 2016, Betika is a steadily growing bookmaker. It has not yet reached the level of popularity of the big players, but it’s a sizable firm that’s well-known in its home country. The website can actually surprise you with its polished user interface and sheer number of features. It has casinos, virtual games, and many disciplines to wager on. Betting options are also pretty good. Moreover, you can download and install the application for your iOS or Android device or just use the mobile version of the website.

How to Understand if Betika Cash Out Is Available?

How to Understand if Betika Cash Out Is Available

You can easily check whether the feature is offered in your market. There are just a few steps. Let’s check them all out.

Log In
Open the website or run the app. Sign in if you haven’t already.
Check Your Bets
Go to “My Bets.” Locate the “Cash Out” filter.
See the Availability
Tick the box. Now you see all of the markets that currently offer this option.
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What Are the Markets Available for Betika Cash Out?

Not all markets feature the cash-out option at Betika, and not all events. But the majority do, including those that are most commonly followed and bet on. There are plenty of options for football cash-out, so you’re unlikely to have problems if your bet seems to be losing. If you want to learn how to cash out a bet on the website, we will cover it in one of the blocks below.

What is Betika Cash Out?

What is Betika Cash Out

In general, cash-out is the feature that allows punters to receive the returns from their bet before it’s settled. Of course, this means that the sum will never reach the full amount, but it can be a great way to save your money, especially if it seems that the bet is losing. Obviously, any returns are better than none. This feature also acts as a way to control your risks.

Betika offers this feature on the same terms as we’ve described above. So there’s nothing unusual about the way the function works on the platform. But nevertheless, let’s take a closer look.

What Is Betika Partial Cash Out?

The meaning of the partial cash-out is simple: it’s the type of feature that allows you to choose how much return you can see, keeping the rest of your stake in the betslip. This means that the option provides an even greater level of control over your risks and winnings, making it a function that’s actively used by professionals and newcomers alike.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that Betika offers such an option. Many competitors, larger ones and small-time bookmakers alike, already provide this ability. We hope that the platform will include it in its services in the future, giving users more flexibility and control over their funds.

How to Cash Out With Betika

How to Cash Out With Betika

Let’s look at the steps you have to take to make the function work. Betika handles the procedure with ease, making it as accessible as possible, so you can take advantage of it without issues. Here’s what you have to do.

Log In
Visit the website and log in.
Check the Option Availability
Find the “My Bets” menu. Tick the “Cash Out” filter to view the wagers that feature the option.
Choose the Bet You Want to Cash Out
Select an active bet with the function available. Click the “Cash Out” button, this will activate the process immediately. Congratulations, now you will get your returns!

Betika Cash Out Key Terms & Rules

As we’ve already mentioned, there’s nothing atypical about the Betika cash-out feature. But obviously, this doesn’t mean that there are no rules. Of course, certain terms and conditions exist, and you have to get familiar with them before using the function. In the paragraphs below, we outline some of the points:

  1. The function is offered for both single and multiple wagers.
  2. Your stake amount doesn’t matter; any amount will qualify for the cash-out. But you can’t use the feature partially as such an option isn’t offered on the website. So it’s only possible to cash out in full.
  3. As we’ve mentioned before, it’s not offered for all events, but it’s usually easy to access for the most popular ones.
  4. The company reserves the right to cancel your cash-out if it believes that you’re misusing the feature or accessing it too frequently for some suspicious manipulations.
  5. Likewise, Betika can cancel your cash-out for any reason it deems significant.
  6. The function won’t work for bonus wagers and free bets.
  7. If there’s a technical error or a problem in the calculation, the service might cancel the cash-out even after you activate it.

As you may see, everything about this Betika’s function is incredibly straightforward. The only specific rules to keep in mind are the lack of the partial option and the inability to use the function for bonus bets.


Betika may not be the largest wagering platform out there, but the developers seem to already know what the users want. And that’s why they offer the cash-out function, granting the users more control over their finances and risks. And in this article, we’ve described in detail how it works at Betika.

And if you want to learn more about Betika Kenya, check out our other articles explaining the functionality of the platform. We dig deeper into various functions that the bookmaker offers and how they work. The cash-out is far from being the only interesting one.


How do I join the platform?
p>If you want to register on Betika, here are your steps to join the bookmaker:

  1. Go to the website.
  2. Click or tap on the “Register” button.
  3. Enter your phone number.
  4. Come up with a password.
  5. Confirm it.
  6. Agree to the T&C and Privacy Policy. By ticking this box, you also confirm being over 18.
  7. Click or tap “Register” to join the platform.
  8. All done, you’re a member of Betika!
What does it mean to cash out a bet?
This feature means that you receive the returns on the bet even before the event is over. There’s also the partial cash-out that allows you only to receive the winnings using a part of your stake, balancing your chances to turn a profit.
How is cash out calculated?
In all cases, the cash-out calculations follow one simple rule: the higher chances of winning, the bigger the returns. This works for both the bookmaker and the player.
Can I use the cash out feature from the app?
Yes, you can find the Betika app for iOS and Android, and it has all of the features you need, including the cash-out one. It’s also possible to access the function using Betika’s mobile website since it provides all of the same capabilities you may find in the apps and desktop version.
When should you cash out a bet?
This depends, but it’s better to activate the feature when it’s clear that the bet is likely to lose. The exact timing depends on your risk tolerance but we recommend being smart and clear-headed.
How does sports bet cash out work?
Everything is simple: you use the feature and receive the returns, which will be smaller than ideal but much better than nothing. In case of a partial cash-out, you can keep part of your stake, allowing you to win.
How can I move my funds from the platform?
So, how to withdraw from Betika? There are two withdrawal options. You can either use M-Pesa or Airtel. Thankfully, both payment solutions are common across the country, so chances are you already have some experience with them. While there are only two payment systems, there are several ways to approach the withdrawal process: you can do so by SMS, USSD for M-Pesa, and online. While there are only two payment systems, there are several ways to approach the withdrawal process: you can do so by SMS, USSD for M-Pesa, and online.

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