How to withdraw money from Betika

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Kenyans enjoy wagering. In fact, it’s revealed by the polls that more than 50% of the population gambles in some capacity. Even though there are many various ways to wager, Betika and other online sportsbooks are among the most commonly used. In this article we will focus on Betika and its withdrawal process, because it can be quite frustrating if you’re doing this for the very first time. So today, we’re going to walk you through the process step-by-step. Let’s get started!

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What is Betika and How Does it Work?

What is Betika and How Does it Work?

One of Kenya’s most well-known online sports betting platforms is Betika. It is owned and run by Shop and Deliver Limited, an organization with a Kenyan government license. It’s worth mentioning that Betika is one of the very few companies that provides an iOS wagering app besides the Android version.

Betika offers instant play-and-win jackpot events, casino games, roulette, slot machines, and card games in addition to sports betting. The company is well known for offering a wide range of competitive odds. To effectively compete with the top brands in the African online gambling market, Betika seems to understand the needs of local users in terms of betting and has been able to provide services that are tailored to meet those needs. 

You may wager on a broad range of sports on Betika, including rugby, cricket, tennis, and soccer. The platform adheres to strict international service standards, and its procedures are easy to follow: create an account, make a payment, place a wager using the deposit, withdraw the money in case of winning.

We can keep sharing the perks this great platform offers; however, we suggest that you check our detailed review instead and find out what is Betika.

How to Withdraw Money from Betika: Top 4 Options

How to Withdraw Money from Betika: Top 4 Options

Let’s take a look at how to withdraw money from your account. When you strive to receive your winnings as fast as possible, you may face a more extended processing time. Depending on the option you prefer, money can show up in your bank account immediately or within the following 24 hours from the moment you confirm the transfer. If you have any doubts, reach out to the customer service team.

Our team has retrieved five payment methods that punters can use to receive their winnings. We will share our knowledge with you about each of them. In the following parts of the review, you can find out how to use:

  • SMS
  • USSD
  • Airtel
  • M-Pesa

Continue reading to grab your free instructions.

How to Receive a Payout via SMS?

Many Kenyan players prefer to carry their phones everywhere and use them for work and pleasure. Therefore, Betika allows its users to perform any operations comfortably from their mobile devices, including the withdrawal procedure. It means that here, you can learn how to receive your winnings if you only have access to your phone. Note that it can be done via MPesa and Airtel Money.

#1 Step: Take Your Device

Open your messages and type in the following text: WITHDRAW#SUM.

#2 Step: Provide the Payment Details

Check your details and send your SMS to 29090.

#3 Step: Confirm Transfer

Wait for the money to enter your account.

How to Withdraw Funds via USSD Code?

What to do when you need cash and have no Internet? Use USSD technology to receive your payouts from Betika. It is one of the most convenient and widely used options in Kenya. This option supports only MPesa. It is a classy option many Kenyans trust and prefer to use. They can get what they want in a couple of clicks. Look through our guide to see how easily you can retrieve your winnings.

#1 Step: Dial the Command

Take your phone and dial *644#.

#2 Step: Follow the Instructions

See the available options in the menu. Select withdrawal and indicate the sum. Note that there might be a commission.

#3 Step: Get Your Funds

Recheck your information and approve your operation. Wait for the money to appear on your balance.

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Available Options for Withdrawals: Devices

Betika allows its users to access all functionality of the services it provides via different gadgets. Therefore, players can use laptops or PCs and smartphones to withdraw what they managed to win during their gaming and betting sessions. We will share our insights on how to obtain your money fast via all offered options.

How to Obtain Money on Your Desktop Device?

The most basic option to withdraw wins is to use your computer and a desktop Betika website. Keep reading to learn more.

#1 Step: Go to Betika and Sign in

Navigate to Betika’s website or run the app. Ensure you’re logged in.

#2 Step: Hit “Withdraw” and Select a Method

Open the account and find the “Withdraw” button. Pick the cash-out method among those suggested.

#3 Step: Type in the Amount and Finish the Procedure

Write down the sum you’d like to take out. Confirm the payout.

How to Get Your Winnings via App?

The next option is to use your phone and receive your rewards via an app or a Lite Betika platform. 

#1 Step: Reach Betika Portal

Use your device to launch an app. Log into your account and proceed to withdrawals.

#2 Step: Choose Your Option

Pick a method to receive your funds. We strongly recommend that you use the same option you deposited with. Indicate the amount you wish to receive.

#3 Step: Wait for the Funds

Check the details you indicated. Launch the operation and wait a bit until the money will be credited.

Betika Withdrawal Rules: All You Should Know

In some cases, punters have no opportunity to withdraw their funds, and that happens not because the bookmaker cheats. Betika states particular rules when bettors can receive their monetary rewards back to their bank accounts. If you follow the rules, the withdrawal process won’t cause you any problems and goes smoothly. You should pay attention to the next aspects:

  • limits
  • processing time
  • fees.

We will discuss each of them in detail further. 

Withdrawal Limits

Each bookmaker has money limitations when we talk about payouts. It is the case that serves to prevent money laundering. The bookmaker can state restrictions on daily, weekly, and monthly amounts. Let’s see what Betika has to offer.

The Minimum Withdrawal Amount

Both Safaricom (MPesa) and Airtel state that the lowest sum allowed to withdraw is 50 Kes. It means you won’t be able to receive anything less than that. 

The Maximum Withdrawal Amount

The biggest sum per day punters can receive is 30,000 Kes. If your winnings exceed this amount, you will have to wait for another day to make another transfer.

Payout Fees

The problem of fees is crucial. If you do not have much to withdraw, it needs to be acknowledged that in some cases, half of what you won can be charged as commission. Therefore, we recommend you to check with your provider if it takes any fees. The bookmaker, in its turn, informs its users that there are no Betika withdrawal charges.

Betika Cashout

Cashout is the option to get your money back on a wager at any point during the event — not just when it’s over. Sportsbooks may give you wins on your wager that are less than what you had anticipated, depending on how the betting event is playing out. You might not get as much as you originally put down because it all depends on when you cash out during the event. However, you will not lose all your money! The Betika cashout feature enables players to take an early payout on their bets before they expire, demonstrating that it is possible to receive some money back before the event ends and your bet is closed. You may win big or receive a partial refund of your initial wager, depending on how well your choice is doing when you want to cash out.

Betika Withdrawal Processing Time

The processing time can vary from several seconds up to 48 or 24 hours. Besides, some financial providers may have specific timetables. It means that some operational hours can prevent you from acquiring your funds when you need them.

Based on the current data on the official Betika website, here are the periods when you can get your cash:

  • Safaricom (MPesa) 12:00 AM – 6:00 AM for the sums of 30 000 Kes
  • Airtel Money between 12:00 AM – 6:00 AM for the sums of 10,000 Kes.

Weekend Withdrawal Possibility

Do not worry, and you can make transfers during the weekends. The bookmaker offers its users the ability to get their funds even when banks are closed.

Common Betika Withdrawal Problems: What to Do?

Players can face difficulties while trying to withdraw their funds. The reasons can be multiple, but the solution is one. You better apply for support via a live chat or send an email directly to customer care. Any troubles can be solved faster when you ask for help from the bookmaker’s professional team.

The Betika withdrawal problem may be connected with the increased processing time due to some reasons on the bookie’s or your financial provider’s side. Once you get information from customer service, you can stop worrying. Before you launch a transfer, make sure you comply with the limits.

Payment Options

Betika offers plenty of payment options, for both pay in and pay out. You are free to use the most suitable one among the suggested e-wallets, payment systems, and bank transfers. Note that cryptocurrency is not on the list since the bookmaker does not support crypto wallets. Let’s take a look at M-Pesa, the most commonly used withdrawal method:

Visit Betika and Sign in
Navigate to Betika’s website or run the app. Ensure you’re logged in. If you aren’t, go through the sign-in process.
Find the “Withdraw” Button
Open the account and find the “Withdraw” button.
Pick “M-Pesa” and Enter Your Details
Select M-Pesa and specify the ID of your M-Pesa account.
Enter the Amount and Finish the Process
Write down the sum you’d like to withdraw. Confirm the payout.

If the transaction went smoothly, both Betika and M-Pesa will notify you about a successful withdrawal and money transfer, respectively. Be sure to double check the data and digits you’re specifying while making a payout. Confusion in numbers can cause serious consequences, up to the loss of funds.

The Benefits of using Betika

The Benefits of using Betika
  • One of the most trustworthy and secure online sports wagering websites in Kenya.
  • A large spectrum of wagering possibilities.
  • Straightforward and eye-pleasing design.
  • Betika owns a license for providing betting services, the document issued by the Kenyan government.
  • One of the best offered odds on the market.
  • Many available payment methods.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • Mobile app for both Android and Apple users.
  • Custom promotions, like the “Betika Points” system.

Tips for Betting on Sports Online

Betika: Tips for Betting on Sports Online

If you want to enhance your chances of succeeding and lessen your losses when it comes to sports wagering, there are a few significant factors that you need to address. Here are some of them to get you going:


Before making any bets, it’s essential to do the “research,” just like with any other investment. This entails studying the teams, players, and odds provided by various bookies. You have to know everything about your bet before placing it.


It’s generally an excellent idea to start off with tiny bets until you’re comfortable with the process and have a great and clear understanding of how it works. If you lose your early bets, you’ll be less likely to lose a lot of money as a result.


It’s crucial to look around and pick a bookmaker offering the service that suits you the most. There’s a huge variety in terms of odds, markets, sports and tournaments. Ensure you make a wise choice.


Making excessive bets that one cannot afford to lose is one of the major blunders bettors make. It’s crucial to maintain self-control and only stake money you can let go without any consequences. Set a monthly limit and stick to it.


How long does it take to withdraw money from Betika?
It usually takes around 5 minutes for money to be transferred from Betika into your bank account. On rare occasions, it may take up to 24 hours.
What methods can I use to withdraw my money?
You can withdraw your money by bank transfer and through a payment system. All available options are displayed in the “Withdrawal” tab in the account.
What are the minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts?
For withdrawal a maximum daily limit is set to 70,000 KES, with a minimum limit of 50,00 KES.
Is there a fee for withdrawing money from Betika?
The company charges 15,00 KES for withdrawals between 50,00 and 2,499 KES, increasing to 33 KES if the sum is more than 2,500 KES.
Do I need to verify my account before I can withdraw money?
Yes, you will need to provide identifying documents, such as your passport or ID card, to validate your account.

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