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Nov 13th, 2023 04:58pm / Last edit Dec 22nd, 2023 06:57pm
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The Melbet sportsbook is a very popular and renowned company all over the world. The organization has a great reputation, mainly due to its excellent services and user-friendly behavior toward its members. The sports betting company was founded in 2012 and is based in Curacao at the moment, but it continues to expand and is now available in a great number of countries, including Kenya. 

You are probably already aware that many Kenyans adore sports betting and have taken part in it even more actively since the arrival of new technologies and gadgets. But not every bettor knows whether the company they use is legit and whether their application is reliable. That’s the reason why we decided to do a quick review of the Melbet application today. Let’s go!

Installation of the Melbet Mobile App

Installation of the Melbet Mobile App

First, before getting to know the Melbet mobile application, it is important to familiarize yourself with its download procedure and how to obtain it. 

Many local betting sites don’t even take the time to develop mobile applications for their betting platforms, and speaking of iOS apps, they are literally in deficit. Most betting organizations think launching only an Android app is enough to offer mobile betting services, but, unfortunately, it excludes a whole group of people. Thankfully, Melbet took its users’ preferences into account and made an iOS app so that all members of the platform could benefit from the bookie’s offers. We suggest checking the download procedure in detail for both operating systems.

How to Download Melbet App for Android

After quickly familiarizing yourself with the Melbet mobile application, we suggest discovering the installation procedure for Android devices. The way to obtain the mobile app on Android operating gadgets is really quick and doesn’t require any specific preparations. Let’s take a look at the process itself.

Visit the Site
To get the mobile application and install it on your mobile device, it will be necessary for you to navigate the company’s website first. All downloads are made exclusively via the bookie’s official page to prevent further inconveniences, such as getting viruses from external sources. After navigating to the site, click the phone icon at the top to open the mobile page.
Once getting to the mobile page, simply click on the “Android” yellowish button, and it will launch the download of the app .apk file onto your gadget. Usually, it takes only a few seconds before the app is installed.
When the download is done, open the .apk file you downloaded. Now, the application will install; it doesn’t take more than a few seconds. When done, you may profit freely from the application.

How to Download Melbet App for iOS

As stated previously, it is quite surprising that the Melbet company made its mobile application available for iOS gadgets since most betting companies in the local market don’t bother doing so. The Melbet iOS app may be accessed via nearly every device operating on the latest versions of iOS and is super easy to get. The installation won’t take you more than a few minutes and is super easy. Let’s take a look at it!

Visit the Site
Before proceeding with the installation process, you will have to navigate to the Melbet website. Even though most iOS applications are downloaded via the App Store, the Melbet platform decided to take extra precautions for its members not install the wrong application. That’s why we highly recommend downloading the app only via the bookie’s site. When on the bookie’s site, tap on the phone icon in the top left corner of the page.
After finally reaching the mobile page, locate the “iOS” yellow button and tap on it. The website will redirect you to the App Store, where you can safely download the app without worrying about anything. Simply press “GET.”
After completing the download process, all you have to do is to wait for the app to install. When it is done, simply tap on the application and profit from the bookie’s services!

System Requirements

Most mobile software and programs have special technical criteria and features required for installation. Those requirements permit the correct installation and functioning of an application on a mobile device and determine its technical parameters, which are essential to consider before proceeding with the installation procedure. We recommend getting to know every mobile application’s system requirements before deciding to obtain it, simply because it will permit you to prevent further inconveniences, glitches, and the inability to get the app to work. If you want an app to work properly, it should be compatible with your gadget. That’s exactly why we suggest looking at the system requirements for the Mellbet app.

Version requiredRequires iOS 12.0 or laterAndroid 5 or higher
Version of the appVersion 1.10Version 1.10
File size458.7 MB59.1 MB

Desktop App

Melbet Desktop App

Some betting companies, besides providing mobile applications, also permit bettors to obtain a desktop application and install it on their personal computers. This type of application is usually a more compact and convenient way to access the bookie’s website without having to pass through a browser and open the sportsbook directly via your PC. However, the Melbet organization doesn’t provide this sort of application, which is not so deceiving since it is nearly the same as the desktop website.

Compatible Devices

You probably already know that if an application’s system requirements don’t suit your mobile device, they’re incompatible, so ensure your mobile gadget has the appropriate technical parameters. 

At the moment, the app may be accessible for any kind of iOS device running iOS 12.0 or later and nearly all Android gadgets running Android 5 or higher.

Melbet Mobile Version

Melbet Mobile Version

Another interesting feature provided by the Melbet sportsbook is the mobile version. While some bettors prefer betting via the mobile application, others spend all their time on the mobile website, which doesn’t require installation and may be accessed via any device and any browser. 

Go to Melbet

Basically, the Melbet mobile version is something between the desktop one and the app. It gathers all the same functions as the desktop version but is more mobile; however, it is less mobile than the application since it remains a browser version. Commonly, it is appreciated by members that don’t have the possibility to obtain the app but still wish to profit from betting on the go and placing bets anywhere they like without having to be attached to their computers. 

We strongly recommend this version of the bookie if you can’t access the mobile app; it is totally free, simple to use, and has all the same interesting features as the desktop version.

Melbet Application Features

Melbet Application Features

Enough of all the technical features; let’s get to the most interesting part of our review. After discovering all the different versions of the Melbet app and all its technical characteristics, we suggest taking a look at the app’s main features and discovering the services it offers to the company’s customers. Among these features, you will find all types of information that will surely help you familiarize yourself with the company.

Usability and Design

You probably already guessed that since the mobile app is nearly the same as the official website, all its design and interface are identical to the desktop version. The company kept its classic and legendary approach in terms of design and made its mobile platform have flashy and appealing colors that instantly attract visitors’ attention. The organization went for the classic black and yellow combo for the different menus and integrated touches of white into the main betting zone. These shades beautifully contrast with each other and permit a great visual experience.

Speaking of usability, the platform is great and simple to navigate since all the menus and primary functions are located in the right places, making the app very well-organized. As a result, all the necessary information and options may be found rapidly without spending much time searching the site. 

Sports Betting With the Melbet App

Betting via the Melbet desktop version is very simple and quick, but have you ever wondered how much easier and quicker it is via the mobile application? 

The Melbet app is, before anything else, a program that encourages mobility and handier navigation of the betting platform.

The procedure, in general, is more rapid and requires less time than usual; the navigation on the application nearly makes your fingers fly on the screen while placing bets. You may still access your favorite betting options and sports because they are the same as on the desktop version. 

Virtual Betting

In case you get bored of betting on the same types of sports and matches over and over again, the Melbet company has got you covered. The sportsbook integrated into its array of sports an intriguing category that you may bet on called “virtual sports.” 

Virtual sports are matches generated by a computer with random odds and outcomes. They look totally like real events but are actually just electronic games.

You may access virtual betting via the Melbet application and profit from it as much as you like without waiting for new matches. 


Bonuses are one of the most interesting offers a bookie may provide its members. Most bettors, new and experienced, always check the bonus section of a website before signing up for it because a sportsbook that lacks bonuses is a sportsbook that doesn’t care about its clients. 

Welcome Bonus
26,280 KES

Every great betting company always has some offers to propose to its members; these offers usually enhance the users’ chances of winning or permit them to spice up their betting journey. Sometimes, bettors are given special rewards that may be used on the website to participate in betting activities. 

The Melbet company did a great job in terms of promotional offers: the organization has an incredibly large collection of bonuses, including the most popular promo, the “First Deposit” one. We suggest taking a look at the most interesting offers from the bookie and their main characteristics.

BONUS FOR 100 BETSRegister, place 100 bets in 30 days, and obtain a bonus equal to the average stake of the 100 bets you made.
200% BONUS
UP TO 26280 KES
Register on the platform and obtain a 200% bonus on your first deposit.
300% SPORTS BETTING BONUSDeposit at least 70 KES into your account and obtain a bonus worth 300% of what you invested.


If you are already a member of the Melbet platform, this information will probably not make any difference to you since we are going to discover the registration procedure via the company’s app. 

If you are a new bettor, on the other hand, and wish to join the Melbet sportsbook, you have the choice between signing up via the site’s desktop version or via the mobile application. The company made registration accessible on its mobile platform, which is cool and permits members to create a Melbet account directly via their gadget. The registration procedure via the application is pretty much the same as via the website; it is rapid and easy and doesn’t take up more than 5 minutes.

Games and Services

The Melbet mobile app only focuses on mobile sports betting. Even though the company offers an incredible variety of services to its users, including live casino, poker, and other types of games, on its desktop website, the mobile application is destined to only deliver sports betting services. 

Bettors using the mobile app may access a whole range of sports betting offers, including bonuses and promos, various betting options, and markets, but are not able to profit from other gambling-derived games. The main goal of this application is to make sports betting on the Melbet platform more accessible, mobile, and handy.


Melbet Conclusion

After having a tour of the Kenyan Melbet app and its main characteristics, we may surely affirm that this application is really great and permits a truly excellent betting experience. Besides helping with betting on the go, the Melbet application offers a whole diversity of services to its users, including the possibility to profit from virtual betting, profitable bonuses, and other appealing games and features. Melbet mobile users have at their disposal a large array of sports and markets and betting options they may profit from during their betting journey.

The organization made its app available for iOS members, which is surely worthy of respect since most companies on the market don’t provide these kinds of app versions. Our overall impression is really positive, and we hope you enjoy your journey on the Melbet app if you decide to do so. In this review, we covered most of the information about the Melbet app, but if you wish to learn more about it, please feel free to check the FAQ below.


How do I install the Melbet app?
Navigate to the official website and go to the app section.
Does Melbet have an app?
Yes, totally.
How do I install the Melbet app on my iPhone?
Directly from the bookie’s site.
Does Melbet work in Kenya?

0 / 5. 0