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SportyBet is considered one of the top-rated bookmakers in Kenya, partly due to the multiple betting services it offers punters when they open an account on the platform. Another reason for its popularity will definitely be the implementation of a diverse payment method in its operations. These days, withdrawing your winnings or funding your account has become easier than ever. So getting your earnings doesn’t seem difficult as it used to. In this blog, we will be looking at how you can withdraw your funds from the SportyBet company as well as review the available payment methods.

How to Withdraw Money From SportyBet

How to Withdraw Money From SportyBet

As soon as you have made a winning bet, you next want to figure out how to withdraw your cash prize. Unfortunately, on SportyBet Kenya, there is only one payment solution available for users. The good news is that it is Mpesa which is one of the most widespread payment method in the country. The process is relatively simple, and the transaction is usually completed immediately. Below, we’re going to provide you with some short guides on withdrawal through Mpesa via platforms offered by SportyBet.

How to Withdraw Money From the Account Through the Website

The majority of bettors visit the SportyBet Kenya website when they want to place a bet, and withdrawals can also be made through the website. This method is also quite safe and can be very useful for those who prefer to bet via the web browser. Below are instructions on how to withdraw your SB fund using the official website.


Open the Website

Open the SportyBet official website and log into your account.

Choose to Withdraw

Open your account and click on “Withdraw.”

Add Details

Add the amount and confirm the transaction. Wait for the money to arrive on your M-Pesa account.
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How to Withdraw Money From the Account Through the Mobile App

And if you prefer betting via the mobile app, you are welcome to download it by proceeding to the official website of the bookmaker. SportyBet has developed a mobile application accessible to Android and iOS users, and you can get it for free. The process of making withdrawals through the app is the same as using the website. Let’s take a closer look at how to do just that.


Open the App

Start the SportyBet official app and log into your account.

Choose to Withdraw

Open your account and click on “Withdraw.”

Add Details

Add the amount and confirm the transaction. Wait for the money to arrive on your M-Pesa account.

Other Ways to Withdraw Funds From SportyBet in Kenya

Other Ways to Withdraw Funds From SportyBet in Kenya

Apart from the withdrawal method we have mentioned above, there is other payment option available on SportyBet Kenya that can be very useful to you. 

SMS Method

Alternatively, you can also withdraw your earnings offline by using the SMS option. This particular payment option can be useful to you if you would like to get your cash prize without connecting to the internet. The process is really safe and reliable to use. To withdraw your earnings via the SMS option, all you have to do is send an SMS with the word *withdraw#(amount)*#Pin Code to the number 29123 on your mobile device. Make sure you have verified your account before processing this withdrawal.

Rules for Withdrawal of Funds From SportyBet

Every bookmaker has its own rules and regulations regarding the withdrawal of funds. It is important to read and comprehend these rules before completing your registration process on the platform. One of the key rules you must know before making withdrawals on SportyBet states that, as a bettor, you are obligated to verify your account before your withdrawals can be processed and completed. This means if you win a cash prize and your account isn’t verified, you will not be able to withdraw your funds until you prove that your account is valid.

Withdrawal Limit

Every payment system has its own specific limitations when it comes to making withdrawals. It is highly recommended that you pay close attention to those details if you are making a withdrawal for the first time. The payment system you have chosen usually determines what your withdrawal limit will be.

Minimum Withdrawal Limits

After carefully reviewing the SB Kenya website, there is no information about the minimum amount that can be withdrawn from your account. However, it was stated on the platform that an additional carrier fee of KES 15.00 will be charged whenever you make a withdrawal of less than KES 500.

Highest Withdrawal Limits

As stated on the website, the daily highest winnings per user on SportyBet Kenya is KES 15,000,000. The daily sum of all payouts for all users is KES 1,000,000,000.

Withdrawal Fees

On SportyBet Kenya, a commission is charged for every payout transaction conducted on the platform. Unlike during the process of depositing, an additional fee is deducted from your SportyBet cash out, whenever you make a withdrawal from your account. The fees usually vary depending on different factors, such as the payment system you have chosen and the amount being withdrawn.

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Time of Withdrawal

SportyBet Time of Withdrawal

Thanks to the development of fast payment options, you are able to claim your winnings almost immediately. On SportyBet, your withdrawals are delivered instantly as soon as you make a withdrawal request. A larger sum of money usually takes approximately 24 hours due to the auditing and processing of the payout.

Withdrawal During the Weekend

So whether you make a withdrawal request during the week or at the weekend, your earnings are usually delivered to you instantly or within 24 hours due to unforeseen circumstances. However, if your withdrawal doesn’t process instantly or within 4 hours, feel free to contact the SportyBet Kenya customer team for assistance. The department is always ready to resolve any complaints that you might have.

Possible Problems

SportyBet Possible Problems

SportyBet Kenya, a well-respected sportsbook in the country, has developed and implemented a withdrawal system that can be very useful for anyone who is looking to make a withdrawal after placing a winning bet. However, there are still some issues that might arise during the process of making your withdrawals, which is why we have listed some common problems you might experience.

Unverified Account

As a punter on SportyBet Kenya, you are required to verify your account before any withdrawals can be made from it. The main objective of this policy is to promote safety as well as curb money laundering practices on the platform. The process of verification is relatively simple and fast as long as you provide the necessary documents the bookmaker has requested. Failure to verify your account will lead to you losing the account as well as your earnings.

Inaccurate Details

During the process of withdrawing your funds, make sure the information you have provided is accurate and valid. For example, avoid using someone else’s bank details to withdraw money from your SportyBet account. Your bank details must match your account details to avoid temporarily suspending your SB account.


SportyBet Conclusion

SportyBet Kenya has implemented a convenient and efficient payment option for those looking to transact on the platform. Mobile money and SMS payment allow bettors the opportunity to gain access to their funds online and offline. The bookmaker also ensures the safety and security of these transactions by safeguarding your personal information, thereby making the sportsbook a reliable and trustworthy service provider for punters in Kenya. We hope this SportyBet review on how to withdraw will answer any questions you might have.


How can I get my SportyBet user ID?
You can access your SportyBet ID by proceeding to the “My Account (Me)” menu.
What Bank does SportyBet use?
SportyBet Kenya doesn’t use any bank at the moment, but you can still fund your account by using the very convenient Mpesa option.
How do I verify my account on SportyBet?
You can verify your SportyBet account by uploading all the required documents that confirm your identity and residency.
How does SportyBet pay?
SportyBet pays through mobile money Mpesa.
Can I make money on SportyBet?
Yes, you can make money on SportyBet by placing bets on various sporting events covered by the sportsbook.
How do I register my bet?
You can register your bet by confirming it as soon as you have selected the betting market and the amount you wish to bet.
Can I fund my SportyBet account with another bank account?
Yes, you can fund your SportyBet account with another bank account, as long as it is yours.
Who created SportyBet?
Sudeep Ramnani is the founder and CEO of SportyBet.
How do I register my SportyBet account?
You can register your SportyBet account by selecting the “Join now” tab and entering your telephone number and password to sign up.
How do I start playing SportyBet?
You can start playing SportyBet by signing into your account and identifying the sport you want to wager on.

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