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One usually learns many things about a betting platform before deciding to join it, but there’s one central aspect that you simply can’t ignore: the betting process. Placing wagers is essentially a very similar procedure for all existing bookmakers. The nuances might differ, but the main moments are all the same. The betting platform also designed the process to be extremely easy. If placing wagers isn’t something you can intuitively figure out within a minute, excluding the time it takes to analyze the odds, then a platform is clearly doing something wrong.

Our article will explore how to bet on BetWinner, an international betting platform in many countries, including Kenya. We will take a look at existing wagering types, provide a tutorial on how to place one, include the main terms and abbreviations, and even answer the most common questions.

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Things to Know About BetWinner Before Placing Bets

Things to Know About BetWinner Before Placing Bets

So what exactly is BetWinner, and what can it offer? That’s an all-in-one wagering and gambling platform that’s packed with features, aiming to please a wide audience of bettors. It impresses from the start with its list of available disciplines: football, basketball, ice hockey, darts, horse racing, you name it. And it continues to do so with a wide range of existing betting options. We will take a look at them in “Main Rules and Abbreviations in Bets.”

The game options also exist but don’t include a wide list of casino options. Actually, there’s only one game: Aviator. It features straightforward rules: you place a stake and see a virtual plane take off, and the longer it appears on screen, the higher your winnings will be. The trick is to press a button before it disappears, or you will lose all your winnings.

If you want to access the website from mobile, your options include the smartphone-optimized version of it and Android and iOS apps. If you want to learn more about BetWinner and its features, you can check out our dedicated article on the matter.

Placing Bets

Betwinner Placing Bets

Now, let’s take a look at what betting types exist on the platform. In the next couple of paragraphs, we will cover the types and how to place such bets.

Single Bet

The most straightforward betting type, a single bet, doesn’t feature any caveats. It’s as simple as it gets: you’re betting on a single selection of one event, and your winnings will be that of odds multiplied by your stake. And that’s it.

Multiple Bet

Multiple wagers, or accumulators, are more convoluted than a single one. It allows you to place several selections on one or different events. If you win, then the odds will be multiplied by each other, resulting in larger returns. But if one of your selections loses, so will the whole bet. Unless, of course, stated otherwise during a promo or something.

We don’t recommend placing such wagers before you’re confident in what you’re doing. Accumulators, in general, tend to be riskier compared to single ones, and this is just how the developers design them.

How to Place a Wager

Betwinner How to Place a Wager

Let’s look at how to place a bet on the platform. The process is exceptionally straightforward, and we already explained why at the beginning of this article. Let’s take a look at the steps.


Visit BetWinner

Simply go to the website from your PC or mobile device. Alternatively, you can also run an iOS or Android application.

Select the Sport to Bet on

Take a look at the list of sports. If you’re accessing BetWinner from a PC, you can find the list on the left side of the page. It includes many disciplines, including football, basketball, golf, cricket, motorsports, and martial arts, such as UFC and Muay Thai. Pick one sport you’re planning to place your wager on and continue.
Find an Event
Now, you can take a look at the list of events offered for the sport. The number of available games might differ significantly depending on the discipline’s popularity and how seasonal it is.

Take a Look at the Markets and Odds

The events will feature possible betting markets and the odds for them. Check them out, select the market you’re interested in, ensure you like the odds, and click or tap on them. This will add the selection to the bet slip.

Place a Wager

Now, you can see your selections in the bet slip. Now, it’s time to enter your stake. The default number that the platform offers is 500 KES. The maximum one depends on an exact event. You can select an option to accept if the odds increase automatically. Now, you can simply place your bet. Or cancel it before you confirm the process.

Main Rules and Abbreviations in Bets

Betwinner Main Rules and Abbreviations in Bets

Before placing wagers, you must remember some rules you must follow. They’re mostly quite simple, and it’s not difficult to remember them. 

As you can see, the majority of rules are nearly obvious. But we think it’s still worth reminding new users and regulars of them so they will do everything correctly.

There are also certain abbreviations and names for existing betting markets that you have to remember. In the text below 

  • 1×2. Or moneylines. This one is simple: you’re essentially placing your bets on the home team (1) or away one (2) winning. It also includes the option for drawing (X).
  • Double Chance. Any type of wager that includes betting on two possible outcomes. If one turns out correct, you will win the bet. Double Chance may involve any other type of bet. For example, Double Chance in 1×2 may look like this: 1X, meaning that you’re betting on either the Home team winning or a draw.
  • Over/Under. Another popular betting option involves placing wagers on whether a number of points or goals during a game will exceed a certain threshold. For example, Under 2 will mean that the final score will be either 1 or 0 for the bet to win. With Over 3, it’s the other way around. Such markets don’t always mean betting on total scores or a number of goals; sometimes, they aim to cover half-time results or the number of goals/points scored by a certain team or a player.
  • Both Teams to Score. This one is self-explanatory: you’re betting that both teams will score at least one goal each during the game.
  • Correct Score. Another market that’s quite simple in its nature: you just have to guess the correct score of the game.
  • Handicap. Essentially a method to balance the games between opponents of different classes, handicaps put one team or player at a virtual disadvantage. For example, 1 (-1) means that the Home team will start the game with a score of -1. So they will have to work harder to overcome this disadvantage.

If you want to learn more about abbreviations that you can find on the platform and their meanings, you can always check out our dedicated article on the matter. While we have already explained what basic things, such as BetWinner 1×2, can mean, the text will offer more detailed information.

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Betwinner Conclusion

The betting process itself is obviously the most essential part of any bookmaker. The player won’t care much about existing payment methods, the number of sports, or other things if the betting process gets annoying and tiresome. Of course, this usually doesn’t happen at all since the platforms make the process as simple as possible.

In this article, we took a look at betting on BetWinner. We can safely conclude that the platform is a great choice for any bettor. It features plenty of sports and betting markets, works well on mobile devices, and you’re always just a few clicks or taps away from placing your wager. What’s not to like?


How do I withdraw my winnings from BetWinner?
BetWinner offers an impressive number of withdrawal methods for the Kenyan market. They include various e-wallets, such as WebMoney, Skrill, and SticPay, and payment systems like EcoPayz, Neteller, and Payeer. Moreover, there are also cryptocurrency options such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, among many others.
How can I track the status of my bets at BetWinner?
You can check it in your betting history.
What should I do if I encounter a technical issue while betting at BetWinner?
If the issue doesn’t seem to solve itself, you can try contacting customer care on the platform.
Can I place live bets at the BetWinner?
Of course! The platform offers such an option. There’s also another live feature called the cashout function. It makes it possible to get your money before the event is over, which is useful in the case when you seem to be winning.

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