1xBet Registration: Simple Steps to Sign Up and Claim Your Bonus

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Every initial step of becoming a member of any betting site starts with registration. However, some punters spend time creating an account and face problems. Don’t worry. At 1xBet, there is the most effortless registration procedure that doesn’t require much time to proceed. On the following page, we’ll show you step-by-step how to create an account, reveal the life hack, how to make it faster, and discuss the most common pitfalls. You’ll also learn about the sign-up requirements, the different ways to register, and how to recover your password if you forget it.

Freebet for New Customers 1xBet

Reasons to Join 1xBet

Reasons to Join 1xBet

When you enter the 1xBet website for the first time, it may seem complex. On the other hand, it has numerous features that you should try out. First of all, there’s a fantastic sportsbook with over 40,000 monthly games from various sports. In case you didn’t know, there are many famous football leagues, such as the Premier League, La Liga, and Champions League, as well as basketball leagues, hockey, tennis, and dozens of other sports. 

In addition, betting is even more appealing for beginners, with a number of generous bonuses given to newly registered punters. In general, there are tons of reasons why you should join 1xBet. But the biggest one is the presence of several betting markets, a wide range of betting types, and plenty of games with favorable odds. So, pack your things, and join the bookie following our sign-up guide. 

Requirements for Registering With the 1xBet in Kenya

Requirements for Registering With the 1xBet in Kenya 

In order to avoid any misunderstandings, you better study the 1xBet registration requirements. These simple rules will protect you from fraudulent activities of third parties and problems with withdrawals and keep you out of trouble with the law. 

  • Age Requirements. All players from Kenya are only able to create a 1xBet account and bet on sports if they are older than 21 years. Otherwise, you will be stuck on the first page of the registration process or won’t be able to withdraw your winnings. Always check the laws of your country beforehand.  
  • No multiple accounts. Not only 1xBet but also other bookmakers try to prevent multiple accounts by having such a strict requirement. In other words, you can’t create two or more accounts. Otherwise, you might lose access to all of them. This rule makes it possible to catch bonus hunters and dishonest players. 
  • It must be legal in your country. So make sure that the site is legal to offer services in your country. Fortunately, all Kenyan players can legally visit the site or mobile app and participate in all betting activities. 

How to Benefit From Registration

How to Benefit From Registration 1xBet

If you decide to register at 1xBet, it’s recommended that you take advantage of all the offers. We are talking about registration and the first deposit bonus. When you visit the site, click on the “Register” button and choose one of the two offers in the pop-up window. Generally, newly registered players can claim a welcome bonus for sports betting or benefit from the welcome package for playing casino games. Don’t miss the opportunity to play with free bets and maximize your winnings. And, be careful, you can’t get the bonus twice as it’s only available to new clients. 

Deposit Bonus
Up To 5 KES Per Day

Different Ways To Register

1xBet Different Ways To Register

No matter what device you prefer to use, there are several ways to register with Sportsbook and enjoy one of the most attractive bookmakers out there. To become a member, you can create an account on your mobile phone, through the iOS and Android app, or on your desktop, or if you don’t have internet access, you can register via SMS. 

Sign Up for 1xBet viа Mоbilе Phone

If you’re obsessed with mobile betting, there is an excellent mobile application for both iOS and Android users. To download it, simply visit the 1xBet website, and enter the mobile section, clicking on the corresponding icon in the header. Then, pick the suitable version and install the app. Now, you’re ready to start the registration.

Take Your Device
Tap on the app to open it. Hit on the “Register” button.
Complete Your Information
Fill in your personal information (email, full name, phone number, etc.) in the corresponding fields. Pick the bonus by clicking on the offer you like (or enter the promo code).
Accomplish the Process
Input the confirmation code, which was sent to your phone. Select the preferred currency. Press on the green “Register” button.

Sign Up for 1xBet Onlinе

If you’re more comfortable with desktop betting, follow this step-by-step guide to register via the website on your PC. In general, there’s almost no difference between registering online at the website and via the mobile web browser regarding the information you need to provide and the overall process.

Visit the 1xBet Site
Search for the 1xbet official website. Open the page and look at the upper right corner. There will be a green button that says “Registration.” Click on it and wait for the tab to open.
Type In Your Data
Fill in your phone number and send the SMS to confirm it. Provide your full name and email, and come up with a password. Enter the verification code you received on your phone. Select the offer for Sports or Casino or enter the promo code.
Finalize the Process
Finally, push the “Register” button, and if everything is in order, place your first bet.

Sign Up via SMS

SMS registration has slightly different rules, as you don’t have to open the website or download an application. Instead, you’ll need to send special codes to the specific 1xBet phone number. But be warned, the betting process also takes place via SMS codes. There will be many functions, such as placing a bet, checking upcoming events, checking your balance, and others.

  1. Take your phone and send “Join” to 29021.
  2. Get your automatically generated username and password by SMS.
  3. Link your number to this account by sending LINK#Account ID#Password.
  4. To recover your password, send RESET to 29021.
  5. Now you have a valid account, check how to place a bet on 1xBet here.

How to Login to 1xBet

How to Login to 1xBet

After you create an account, you’ll be presented with several options for logging in to your account. If you have created an account on either the desktop or mobile app, you can use the same login credentials on both versions. In other words, if you are betting on the desktop, you can easily log in on your phone and continue betting on the go. So let’s take a closer look at the login process on different devices. 

Go to 1xBet

App Login

Tap on the App
Open the downloaded application. Press the Login button.
Use Your Data
Enter your created user ID or phone number and password.
Finalize the Process
You’re done. Enjoy the best betting services from the convenience of your mobile phone.

Website Login

Go to 1xBet
Visit the official 1xBet website. Hit on the “Login” button.
Indicate Information
Fill in your ID or phone number and password. If you want the site to remember your credentials, tick the box.
Finalize the Process
Now, push the login button. You are logged in.

How to Recover the Password

1xBet How to Recover the Password

One of the most common problems when trying to log in is having the wrong password. To avoid this problem, always write down your account information in a safe place or use the autosave feature in your browser on your phone. But don’t worry if you forget your password or ID. It’s possible to recover it in just a few clicks.

Go to 1xBet
Open the 1xBet website and move your cursor to the “Login” button. In the pop-up window, hit the “Forgot your Password” button.
Start a Recovery
You can recover your password either by email or by the phone number you used to register. Enter the code or click on the link in your email.
Finalize the Process
Set a new password and try to remember it now.


1xBet Conclusion

Registration is easy as long as it’s 1xBet. Now you’re an expert, and you know how to create your own account and become a member of one of the best betting companies. It does not matter how you decide to register. Whether you’re a mobile user, a desktop player, or want to bet via SMS, all these methods are reliable. Besides, don’t ignore the registration rules set by 1xBet. They are fairly simple to follow, but you must do so to avoid problems with your winnings, balance, and withdrawals.


How to bet on 1xBet without losing?
Losses are normal as long as you do not lose too much. To bet successfully, follow our betting tips and learn the rules in the comprehensive 1xBet review.
What is 1X2 in 1xBet?
This is a common betting market when you pick one outcome out of three. For example, the home team wins, draws, or the second team wins.
Can I withdraw all my money from 1xBet?
As long as you meet all wagering requirements, you can withdraw any amount from your account balance.
Who is the highest winner in 1xBet?
Two years ago, there was a guy who placed bets on 44 events and won 2 million euros.
How much can I win on 1xBet?
There is no maximum win. Your winnings will depend on the betting market you pick and the current odds of the game.

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