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You have undoubtedly already heard of 1xBet, the website that has revolutionized the global sports betting market and is regarded as one of the most successful, active, and enjoyable sports betting platforms worldwide. This platform provides a wide range of services, such as live streaming for live betting enthusiasts, sports betting, online casino games, and numerous promotional offers. But today, we are going to look at jackpots, one of the site’s less well-known but still incredibly profitable and thrilling features. Without further ado, let’s dive in and discover what this feature is all about. 

Deposit Bonus
Up To 5 KES Per Day

Other 1xBet Bonuses

Other 1xBet Bonuses

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to some more of the alluring features of 1xBet, like bonuses and promotions, before learning what it is. We thought it would be interesting for you to learn about not only this feature but also other promotions you could take advantage of, especially if you are a beginner since the it is thought of as something in between bonuses and games. 

First and foremost, it is important to note that 1xBet offers extremely lucrative welcome bonuses to new customers. First-time users who register for an account on the website can receive up to 20,000 KES by profiting from the 1xBet offer. If you choose to use the casino section, this amount can be increased to 190,000 KES and 150 free spins, which is an extremely generous offer, in our opinion.

1xBet, however, has an extensive list of other bonuses, which you should definitely consider after getting your welcome one. Here are some of the most popular.

  • 200% first deposit bonus
  • x2 Wednesday promotion
  • Bonus for a Series of Losing Bets
  • Cashback

How Does the Jackpot Work?

Let us now proceed to find out what the jackpot is. Essentially, it is a game where you can gain bonus points that you can redeem for different kinds of promo codes and offers to improve your betting experience and increase your chances of winning. However, it depends on the jackpot; the most popular game on 1xBet, the TVBET one, can permit you to win a large sum of money directly. But you will need to place bets first in order to receive your gift. This is the prerequisite that matters the most in order to play the game. 

To put it simply, the guidelines are as follows. You must go to 1xBet’s TV Games section’s TVBET in order to place any kind of wager. After that, there will be a draw where you can win the pool prize and be named the bettor of the week.  

Jackpot Prediction Types

Betwinner Jackpot Prediction Types

While the mechanics of jackpot games vary, they all follow the same general idea. You engage in your usual sports betting activities, but you do so within the jackpot competition and in accordance with the game’s regulations. 

In order to be eligible for the jackpot, the bookmaker will typically provide you with a specific set of rules and sporting events to wager on. You will not often be able to wager on the games you want to play. For instance, there are jackpots that are only available for betting on football games, such as football jackpots and other sports-specific jackpots. 

Others will be tied to particular occasions, such as major championships and competitions like Wimbledon, and you will be limited to betting on tennis matches for the duration of the game. 

Another kind of it is one that will limit your ability to win the game by requiring you to wager a certain amount of money, but it will not impose any restrictions on the matches you want to wager on during the jackpot period.

Prediction Games

Prediction jackpot games are basically the same as going for the correct score-betting market. In essence, the bookmaker will set up a few particular matches on which you must wager and correctly predict the games’ winning totals.

These games usually take place every week, with a fresh round every time.

Jackpot Match Result Predictions

Match outcome jackpots are an additional category of the games. They are a particular kind of jackpot where you have to wager on the outcome of a game; they are not always available, but they do exist. It is far simpler than correctly predicting scores, though it is comparable nonetheless.

Precise Jackpot Predictions

The most challenging jackpot games are those that require you to predict match results exactly and provide a score. Since these are the hardest to win, it goes without saying that they offer the biggest prizes. 

How to Predict a Jackpot Win?

Betwinner Predict a Jackpot Win

Unless you are a magician with certain abilities, it is, unfortunately, almost impossible to predict how a jackpot will be won. It is impossible to predict who will win because jackpot winners are typically chosen by a draw. The only way to successfully participate in the game and profit from it is to make your usual casual bets in the hopes of becoming one of the fortunate winners.

Predicting the outcome of a jackpot match is essentially the same as predicting the outcome of any other wager. Looking at it this way, there is nothing unique to know about this type of forecasting. But you should be aware that, because of the limitations set by the rules, you will need to know a little bit about the games you will need to wager on, as the bookmaker will typically select them for you in advance. Before engaging in such activities, we advise you to assess your level of knowledge and expertise. If you do not know enough about the games and the regulations, you may have a better chance of becoming wealthy through conventional betting than through the jackpot offer.

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Betwinner Conclusion

In conclusion, jackpots can be extremely profitable, but it all depends on the kind of game you want to play. Certain games can pose significant challenges and necessitate a certain level of expertise, as they involve wagering on particular sports and events and may even demand the use of unfamiliar betting techniques. 

On the other hand, they provide you the chance to win a sizable sum of money simply by placing bets, so they may also be your ticket to becoming a wealthy gambler. 

Because 1xBet jackpots are so profitable and do not often have very strict rules, why not take advantage of this opportunity to profit from something this intriguing and profitable? 

The majority of the fundamentals of jackpots were covered in this post, but if you still have any questions, please see the FAQ section below. 


How many matches should I get right in order to win the Mega Jackpot?
To win it, you will need to make 17 of your predictions come true.
How many wins do I need to win a normal jackpot?
It depends on the type of game you are going for.
Why should I bet on jackpots?
Jackpots will permit you to win a large amount of money right away.

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