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Nov 29th, 2022 04:45pm

One of the most beloved Kenyan bookmakers, OdiBets, has been operating for more than 4 years as of now. The company focused on the variety of offered services and customer care, which made its success even brighter. If you asked any Kenyan bettor about their top-3 bookie picks, OdiBets would definitely cross their minds. In this article, we’re going to explore how to set up an account and easily get started without any trouble.

What Is OdiBets and What Sports Can You Bet on?

Kenyan-based OdiBets is a sports wagering platform with its own unique services. It offers wagering on a broad range of sporting activities, including soccer, basketball, tennis, and ice hockey. The platform has been operating online for a while and has been fairly popular among Kenyans who enjoy gambling. It’s important to remember that a bookmaker is not a casino, and thus there is no absolute guarantee that you will win anything. However, you can earn some good money by making sports bets if you do your preparation and have a little luck.

How to Register on OdiBets in Kenya

The procedure is simple to comprehend and takes only a few minutes. Take the following steps in the given order:

  1. Navigate to OdiBets or launch the app.
  2. Hit the “Join Now” button.
  3. Fill out the required details, including contact phone number.
  4. Provide the code that was delivered to the specified phone number.
  5. To finally get started with wagering, fill out the account with additional details, like name and surname as they appear on the ID.
  6. Congrats! You’re a happy owner of OdiBets account now!

Keep in mind that only users who are at least 18 years old can set up an account. OdiBets may ask for your ID to confirm your identity in order to authenticate your account or enable the payout function. If incorrect information is provided, the account will be suspended and deposited funds will be forfeited.

How to Register on OdiBets in Kenya via SMS

As an alternative, submit the SMS with the word “ODI” to 29680 in order to sign up for an account. You will then get a welcome message. You’re required to reply with the password you’d like to set. Shortly after, you will be notified that your registration was successful. You’re ready to log in and place a wager right after this notification.

What Are the Benefits of Registering for an Account?

Obviously, the advantages of owning an OdiBets account are fairly clear, because the company provides various benefits to its users. Let’s have a look at the top-5 of them:

  • An accurate focus on 4 core sports, including soccer, basketball, tennis, and ice hockey.
  • A broad range of betting markets.
  • An optimized mobile app.
  • Tracking your performance overall with the ability to check your previous betslips.
  • Customer service team who’s always on duty to assist you.

How to Make a Bet on OdiBets

Placing a bet with OdiBets is pretty straightforward and intuitive process, just do as follows:

    1. Navigate to OdiBets website or run the OdiBets application.
    2. Ensure you’re logged.
    3. Double-check that you have enough cash on the account.
    4. Utilize the sports menu to pick the sport or country, or simply navigate through the search function.
    5. Specify the concrete match you’d like to wager on.

    1. Fill in the sum you’d like to wager.
    2. Confirm by hitting the “Place Bet” button.

  1. Done!

It’s important to note that you are not able to place a wager if the sum exceeds the account balance. If you’d like to top up your account, find the “Deposit” button in the menu.

How to Make a Deposit on OdiBets

You will need to utilize the M-Pesa app to top up your account.

  1. Navigate to Odibets or launch the OdiBets app.
  2. Select Lipa na M-PESA.
  3. Choose Pay invoice.
  4. Enter 290680 as BUSINESS NUMBER.
  5. Enter ODI as ACCOUNT NUMBER, but leave it blank if you like.
  6. Enter the payment amount, for example, 300 KES.
  7. Enter your M-PESA pin.
  8. An SMS will be sent to you verifying the transaction.

And in order to withdraw your funds, you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Open your web browser and go to the OdiBets webpage
  2. Tap on the Sign in button.
  3. Enter your number and password to access your account.
  4. Select ‘Menu’ at the top left.
  5. Select ‘Withdraw funds.’
  6. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  7. Select ‘Request Withdrawal’.

Payment Options Available on OdiBets

M-Pesa and Cash are options available to you on OdiBets.

Common Mistakes Made when Betting on Sports

While placing a sports wager might be thrilling, it’s crucial to avoid any blunders that could end up costing you money. Let’s have a look at the common mistakes:

  1. Making the wrong bookmaker choice. It’s crucial to pick a bookmaker that has competitive odds and pays out quickly. Always check out the reviews before making a final choice.
  2. Not doing your research. Learn as much information as you can regarding the match or the event you’re wagering on, including the teams, athletes, and statistics.
  3. Not setting a budget. If you start wagering with money you can’t afford to lose, you could end up in financial ruin. Set a limit on the amount you’re ready to let go in case of a loss and don’t overcome it.
  4. Panic betting. It can be tempting to start betting hastily in an effort to make up for losses when things aren’t going your way. This is a one-way-ticket to disaster that will almost certainly result in much greater financial losses.

FAQs about Betting on Sports with OdiBets

  • What types of bets can I place with OdiBets?

There are over 50 types of bets that you can place utilizing OdiBets. Those include match winner, over/unders, handicaps, first goal scorer and many more.

  • How do I make a deposit?

You can top up your account via the OdiBets website or app. This function is available in the menu tab.

  • What is the minimum amount I can bet on OdiBets?

The bottom sum you can wager is 1 KES.

  • What is the maximum amount I can bet on OdiBets?

The greatest sum you can wager is 50,000 KES.

  • How do I withdraw my winnings?

You can request a cash-out via the OdiBets website or app. Log into your account and find this function in the menu tab.

  • What happens if I forget my password?

You are able to restore the password by hitting the “Forgot Password” button in the “Login” tab.

  • What is the maximum amount I can withdraw?

The maximum sum you can take out is 1,000,000 KES per day. However, the number can change from time to time, so if you’re planning to go big, reach out to OdiBets customer service beforehand.

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